Monday, November 1, 2010


*warning - pictures taken with camera phone. quality of pics kinda yucky.

The picture on the left was taken on my birthday (9/16/2010), the day that our backyard was hydro-seeded. The picture on the right was taken yesterday (10/31/2010) Behold! A sea of green grass to frolic in!

A year ago I threatened my husband's life. Why would I do such a thing? What could possibly drive me to this level of hysteria?

The answer: my backyard.

Or should I say my bird refuge. My backyard was a refuge to pheasants, and ducks. It was a natural habitat for the birds, due to the tall weeds and mounds of dirt.

I tried to be patient. I tried not to nag, excessively. Believe me, I tried. But after 8 years of not having a backyard to host backyard barbecues, play groups, or even a safe refuge for my wandering 2 year old to frolic, I had enough. Therefore, I threatened bodily harm on my husband if I did not receive my backyard by the following summer.

It worked and for my birthday this year, he gifted me with the gift of grass. Glorious grass!

Next summer - barbecue at my house!


I'm still dealing with this kid.
Just because I haven't posted any recent disasters produced by Homeboy, doesn't mean he hasn't stopped.
Serenity now!


  1. Oh what a wave a green beauty!! Congratulations on having a sea of grass behind your house.

    I figured you were still having daily bouts with Conner, thus explaining the frequency of your blogging.

  2. I am so jealous. Next summer will be 8 years for us so maybe next fall? I hope there's not snow when we come for Thanksgiving so we can see it in person(:

  3. First of all - your Birthday is Sept. 16th? Mine's the 10th! I knew we were kindreds.

    Second - YAY for grass! I feel your pain, sister. Not 8 years of it, but we didn't have grass for a year and we had a dog. You do the math.

    Third - pics of homeboy melt my heart. Mostly because he is so adorable, and also because my 3 year-old is the EXACT SAME KID. He give me that same mischevious grin and leaves a trail of terror behind him everywhere he goes.

    So happy for you and your yard...hope you host lots of Summer parties!

  4. I'm inviting myself over for your BBQ next summer :)! Congrats on finally getting some grass, unfortunately we have to sometimes resort to nagging our husbands to get anything done, I know this from a lot of experience :)!


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