Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm a week late at posting pics from Halloween, but you know...
Homeboy is really into Superheros right now, so naturally he chose to be one for Halloween.
I could have easily purchased a Batman or Spiderman costume from the store, but instead I insisted on waiting to the last minute to sew a costume for 2 days straight. I like to live on the edge.
I totally dig that I still have total control over what Homeboy will wear for Halloween. I predict my reign of power will last until he is 10 years old.

Here is our Soopa-hewo flexing his muscles. Apparently he was flexing his neck muscles, also. Gomer!
Check out C-Man's emblem! While Trick or Treating, Homeboy would yell at every passing Trick or Treater, "I'm a soopa-hewo! I'm a soopa-hewo!" Then he would demonstrate his flying technique.
It was a quiet Halloween with just me and Homeboy, but one that I will always remember!


  1. love it! keep saving the world, soupa hero!

  2. You are awesome!! Love the costume and the cute boy inside!

  3. What an awesome costume & such a happy boy- I mean supa-hewo!!

  4. you made that costume didn't you? So cute!


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