Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Fun

Awwwww, summer!

Summer is, vegetable gardens.

Summer is, family and friend barbecues!

Summer is, flowers blooming.

Summer is, flip flops in all kinds of colors and designs.

Summer is, the 4th of July and parades!

Summer is, sprinklers and kids running through them.

...and summer is, your kid stripping naked on your front lawn so that all of the neighbors, ward members, innocent children, and dogs, passing by, could see ALL of his business.

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  1. Nice bum cheeks! Whitley can't undress herself yet and I am so grateful(:

  2. Oh my goodness! Hilarious! I used to get calls from the neighbor that my son was out peeing in the yard. Glad I'm not the only one!

  3. Phew! I thought my two year old was the only nudist! I can't keep clothes on that kid to safe my life...but it does make it easier to squeeze his wee bum!

  4. LOL! I know I'm going to LOVE this blog, thx to Connor for the laugh :D

  5. ROFL!! Oh my goodness! I didn't see that one. There was one time Michelle went swimming across the street and came home and decided to take her wet swimming suit off as she was standing the driveway. EEEK!!!

  6. Hey at least he is still young enough to strip naked and get away with that, it's still cute! Jaimen on the other hand is getting a little big to think that's cute anymore, and he has no problem showing his business :)

    I loved this post, you reminded me of all the things I should open my eyes to in the summer :) You forgot one though- Summer is running after the ice cream truck before you eat your dinner :)

  7. Ah...becoming one with nature is every boy's dream, right?? Your garden is really pretty!! Jake pees in the yard too. I'm just glad that he's not peeing in his pants. Pee away boy...just do it in the BACK yard, not the front!!


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