Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In need of your opinion

Help! I am hoping that I can get an opinion, or two, on picking some material for curtains. The curtains will be for the window above the kitchen sink, the large bay window in my dining area,and my french doors.

Yesterday I went to pick and purchase some material, which is practically my very own personal heaven, minus the grumpy two year old who found a spool of ribbon on the floor and kept chucking it over aisles of fabric. The turd. But once I looked at the vast selection of fabrics, my mind melted into a pile of goo. (I'm sure it had nothing to do with Homeboy chucking items at poor, defenseless, grandma-like, shopper's heads.)

Soooooo, that's where YOU come in. Give me your opinion. Your likes, dislikes. Like I said... I need help. And yes, in more ways than one.

My kitchen/great room is mainly decorated in reds, browns, and greens. I am totally willing to change things up! You know, if you really have to twist my arm. I will just have to live with the fact that I will have to purchase new and fun things to decorate my kitchen/great room. I guess I'll suffer.

Fabrics in the brown/neutral area:

#1: I really like this fabric. It's not too "heavy" and dark and would go with just about any thing. (I like the scrolly design)

#2: This fabric makes me smile. It whimsical and can be matched with another fabric (perhaps a red colored fabric).

#3: I liked this material because it comes in different colors - cream, brown, green, and red (you can see two of the colors). The leaves vary just a bit with the different colors of this fabric and the leaves come in many colors that will match my current decor.

#4: This fabric intrigued me... at first. It too, comes in different colors (brown, green, etc.). But then I turned it over to look at the price. Oh. My. Holy. Heck. Cough, cough, choke, eyes watering! Guess how much this fabric is per yard? Just guess. I'll be right over to hit you on your back, as you choke on your saliva and tongue, once I tell you how much it is.

$129.00 (DOLLARS) per 1 YARD!

*I need approximately 8 yards. You do the math.

Cough, cough, choke! What the freakin' heck?!?!?

Fabrics in the green/blue area:

#5: Okay, these two materials really spoke to me! They both said to me, across from the fabric section of JoAnns,"Jennifer, come hither! Please gawk at my bright, fresh colors and print! Buy me Jennifer! Buy me!" Positives of these fabrics - the colors, and I love them. Negatives - I would have to "redo" my kitchen/great room area, which = money. Which, I have not much of.

#6: I love these colors together! And I think the print would be a great "kitchen" print.

#7: In a way... similar to #6. I like this one better than #6.

#8: I liked this one better in the store. Now that I look at it again - not so much. Too geometrical for my taste. But, I do like the colors!

Fabric in different colors - same print!:

#9: Like it in brown

#10: Really like it in red

#11: ...and in green!

Fabric in the red area:

#12: Okay, there is no #12. I apparently can not count. Shocker, I know.

#13: I am really loving this material! It's drawing me in and every time I look at it, I seem to like it more and more.

#14: Stripes. I would combine this fabric with another fabric. Perhaps an 18" band of #15 at the top of the curtains?

#15: I really like this fabric also. I love the red. I love the floral design. But it's more pricey. A little over my budget. Do I dare splurge?

#16: Ehh. This material is cheaper and I would combine it with another fabric (see #14, not the picture, the description). It isn't my favorite and basically just matches other fabrics.


#17: I know that there isn't a "17" on the picture. I forgot. Use your imagination.

This is definitely a "kitchen" material. I thought it could go with my rooster picture that I have in my kitchen. But I am afraid I will get bored with it quickly and I would need to use a different fabric for the french doors.

Okay now it's your turn. Let me know what you like. Or what you hate. (it's okay, I won't take it personally). Or tell me what fabrics you think "go" together! I can't wait to read what everyone prefers!


  1. I like 6 and 7 and 15 sorry, not much help.

  2. Okay. I looked at all the pictures first and LOVED #5. I would have to redo my entire house for that to work here. But I love redoing! I love red no matter what so #13 would be amazing. I love #1, too, but it's just a little drab. You could do the stripe from #1 as an accent to #13 to spice it up! Then you can come to my house. My window treatments need some serious updating!!

  3. It is hard to tell with the pictures, I might change my mind with the real swatches in front of me, but..... I liked #1,#3 and #13and #14. I like fall-like colors although, so any of them really.

  4. Love #'s 6 and 13. I think 9-11 are too modern/Asian to go with your current decor, unless you plan to redecorate. 5 is nice, but you'd definitely have to redecorate. I agree with you about the roosters, they somehow seem too predictable. I think you'd get tired of them. Overall, 6 is my favortie.

  5. #3,#5 and #14 & #15 together, like you said. 3 is just beautiful, love the colors. I love the bold green of 5, but I'm not sure I would be brave enough to use it, and 14 and 15 together, make it traditional, but whimsical at the same time. My you have good taste, but that is no surprise.

  6. #3,#5 and #14 & #15 together, like you said. 3 is just beautiful, love the colors. I love the bold green of 5, but I'm not sure I would be brave enough to use it, and 14 and 15 together, make it traditional, but whimsical at the same time. My you have good taste, but that is no surprise.

  7. My favorite by far is #5, but to be practical and money savy I would pick #1, which is close to being my favorite, or #13. You don't want something to busy in your kitchen (I think) and your right, #1 would go with anything really... its also very classic and beautiful! But I really really really love the bright green, one of my favorite trends right now, but it may not be a good trend for to long.
    Wait. I just looked again and I really like #6 too!

  8. What a decision! I like #2 cause I like whimsical stuff. I also like #3

  9. I like, 3, 6, 9, and 13. Few, that was hard to remember! Way cute fabric! I am waiting for you to come over and pat me on the back while I choke! :)

  10. I love 2 AND 3 for their versatility, plus they are really pretty. I LOVE 5 for its brightness and general cheeriness. I saw #8 in the store too and wondered what I could use it for. I really liked it but I don't know if it would work for curtains, it looks pretty heavy-looking for a window.


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