Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where's the funny?

Today I went to lunch with my good friend Holly, whose Bachelor recaps are as funny as all get out. You gotta check them out.
We were discussing how I feel like the "funny" has been sucked out of my bones. Oh, I have some funny thoughts and ideas, but by the time I attempt to blog about it, it's not that funny to me anymore. I've even taken some classic, covert, pics of some Wal-mart and Black Friday shoppers.
(Must we wear our shorty-shorts on Black Friday, ladies? And in the frigid cold, no less!)

And I even have some pics of an older man, wheeling to and fro in his motorized wheelchair, around the movie theater at the opening of newest Twilight movie. He was munching on a carton of popcorn and carting a jug of, what I and a few fellow movie goers, believed to be his mobile bathroom. I mean, dude was holding a Sunny D jug with a clearish-yellow fluid in it and I know for a fact that Sunny D is not clearish-yellow in color. I'm just thankful there weren't any floaters. Now that's some good material, people!

(Sunny D dude was quite brisk in his theater galavanting. My phone was lacking in the much needed technology for taking his picture. And I was fearful of a wheelchair hit and run.)

I'm in a blog low, if you will.

I've been hard-pressed to come up with something funny to post on my blog lately and I was trying to figure out just when the "funny" dwindled. I've narrowed it down to the month of this tragic demise. April. April is when Conner decided that he would no longer go down to bed easily. April is when he decided to pole vault out of his crib during the wee hours of the night and walk to mommy's side of the bed and demand her full attention. There have been many nights of driving and stalking nearby neighborhoods, rocking back and forth in the recliner, making him "cry it out", letting him just hang out by himself in the dark, and praying. Oh yes, people! I have been forced to my knees and praying for a good night's rest. I'm a night owl, by nature, and I manage quite well. But when my sleep is disturbed...not pretty. The word Zombie comes to mind.

What gives, Homeboy!


Somewhere, in between the constant climbing, messes, lack of sleep, toothpaste, lotion, Desitin, and eye drops consumption, my "funny" fell through the cracks. I apologize for the all of the crafty posts. Although they are cute, if I say so myself... yawn.

Needless to say, I have missed my "funny". And I am going to attempt to bring her back!

Hallelujah! Praise momma!

Stay tuned for future funny...

(wish me luck)


  1. I still want to barf when I think about the motorized wheelchair man and his carton of pee.

    Your funny is back, my friend (But I'm not sure it ever left) because this post was funny indeed.

    Funny comes and goes, am I right? We can't all be funny all the time. Afterall, looks aren't everything.

  2. I love your funny! I look forward to many more posts. And you always make me laugh! I love your blog!

  3. Was it really a Sunny-D jug, or was it some other orange juice container? Hard to remember, but impossible to forget the PEE. Ew!!

  4. I have NEVER understood short shorts. I mean, if you're tan and 17, then fine, but if you're not? Please don't make the rest of us suffer through your bravery.

    I hope you get a nap! My son also MacGuyver's his way out of his crib nearly every night...the little magician.

    And ohmygoodness, you are ALWAYS funny! Your funniness didn't go anywhere, you're hysterical.

  5. Wow. Wheelchair man. Yuck! Eeeew! And Blah! I love your funny too. I'm sorry that your little guy has stolen it from you in the night...and day. I think short shorts should be banned. Period.

  6. I lost my funny for a while there too, it was due to the terror named Jaimen, and my lack of sleep too.

    I would have peed my pants had I been there with the Twilight wheelchair man... that is disgusting!
    Can't wait for some funny flashback Friday posts. I miss those:) but love reading your posts, no matter what they are about.

    **little tip** I'm sure you've tried everything under the sun, but I put a childproof door thing on Jaimen's door (on his side). After a few times of getting up I told him 'sorry' that I had to shut the door and go to sleep. I know the screaming and banging prevents some from sleeping, but eventually he understood, I think it took 2 nights. Now we have Presley who is next to his room, so that is not an option anymore :) Good luck I hope you and him get some well needed rest!
    (sorry for the long comment)

  7. Eeeew to wheelchair man and I wonder if that lady in the short shorts owns a mirror, c'mon lady, really do you think you look good in those shorts? Where's TLC's What not to wear when you need them?

  8. I hear ya on the sleep thing or lack thereof. These little terrors known as Connor/Konner are quite the life-sucking creatures when we are fully rested so then when they keep us up Zombie is right! If you need a break for a little nap during the day you can bring him over.
    As for your funny, maybe it is just hiding in fear of your little man. Or maybe it took a vacation with mine.

  9. Jen, your funny has not gone. I love reading your posts, even though I don't comment every time, sorry. I always check yours everytime I am on the computer, which isn't every day, but I always check, so keep 'um coming!

  10. Anonymous1:12 AM

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  11. Jen you are hilarious! Where the heck did you find all of those awesome pictures!? I was laughing my butt off!


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