Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fourteen years ago...

Fourteen years ago, I became a "MRS.".

Fourteen years ago, I wore this dress. It 'kinda' had a butt-bow. Technically, it was a bustle, ruffle thing. It might as well have been a butt-bow.

Fourteen years ago,a huge snow storm hit.

Fourteen years ago, my husband looked like he was fourteen years old.

(The happy couple putting up ivy and lights in my hometown's cultural hall for our second wedding reception. Check out my stirrup leggings!)

Fourteen years ago, my husband had more hair.

(The night we got engaged. Awwww, young love! And man, am I white!)

Fourteen years ago, I was much, much, much skinnier.

Fourteen years ago, we spent our wedding night in a Motel 6.

(It was not a nice as this Motel 6. It was magical)

Fourteen years ago I had a major melt-down when I couldn't find my pantie hose when I was getting ready for our reception, AND when guests began to arrive early while I was still in my jeans AND putting flowers on our wedding cake, AND the florist shorted us BIG TIME on white roses.

(My bouquet was pathetic. It consisted of 4 long-stem white roses and some ribbon. Remember, the florist shorted me on flowers and I didn't have time to put my "dream" bouquet together. So pathetic.)

Fourteen years ago, my husband wore his "pimped-out" wedding ring. That he purchased himself. Without my knowledge. Without me, his fiance, in attendance.

Fourteen years ago, my wedding ring fit perfectly. Not so much, now.

Fourteen years ago, my wedding cake/s sat on top of disco-esque stands.

("Staying Alive" from the Bee Gees comes to mind. "Ha, Ha, Ha, Staying alive! Staying alive!")

Fourteen years ago, I married this guy.

Fourteen years ago, I married my eternal companion.

Fourteen years ago, I married my best friend.

Fourteen years ago, was one of the happiest days of my life.

Thank you for making the last fourteen years so wonderful, Steve!

Love ya forever.

(If you want to read about our "love story", just click on the link on the side bar And Then He Kissed Me. A love story full of nail-biting mystery, heart pumping excitement, and warm, fuzzies!)


  1. Awe!!!!!! Happy Anniversary! Gald you guys are so happy together and so still in love! Congrats on 14 years, here's to another 14 more!!!

  2. I love all the pictures! I especially love Steve's fist in the air outside the temple! Awesome! Happy anniversary!

  3. Awwww! So sweet! Happy anniversary! I loved all of the pictures too. How fun to get to see your memories :)

  4. I love this!! Maybe I need to dig out some of my pictures too :D I think most of us were a LOT skinner at our wedding :D

    What a nice post!

  5. happy anniversary, love the pics!

  6. Aw, Happy Anniversary!! I love that you guys honeymooned at a Motel 6. It kills me every time you talk about it!

  7. Happy Belated Anniversary, you two!! It seems like you were just celebrating your 13th not too long ago. This last year went by too fast!! Cute pictures!!

  8. Awe so sweet. Happy Anniversary Jen & Steve!


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