Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just call me 'Grace'

If someone were to ask me if I considered myself to be a klutz, I would have to respond, "No. I manage to avoid most incidents that require physical ease and grace in my movements." (okay. I probably wouldn't answer exactly that way.)

I mean, I've never broken any bones. I never had to have stitches... until I gave birth for the first time. (Yowzaa!) I've never had a black eye. Or even a sprain, strain, or odd pain from the result of a trip, run-in, or fall. Yup. Pretty much, klutz free.

Until today.
It all came flooding back to me, as I stumbled onto the asphalt head first, with my child in tow. In front of many bystanders. In front of a busy store with people of all sorts.


As I was picking up my baby, inspecting for damages, it was at that moment that I realized I had encountered this very same scenario at least 3 times before, with my oldest "fruit of my loins".
I blame it all on my bulky, substantial chest. I'm like a Weeble Wobble. Top heavy, with minuscule feet to carry the load.

(the resemblance is uncanny!)

Between carrying a child, shopping bags, purse, a beverage and walking...disaster was bound to happen.

But yet, I still did not learn the first time I fell 11 years ago.

My toddler is more than capable of holding my hand and walking along the side of me. Heck he'll even carry a light bag for me! But, ohhhh noooo! I needed to get things done quickly! I needed to do it myself!

Sometimes it takes a knock (literally) to my head to make me realize, that I can't do it ALL and I most definitely can not do it alone.

And that's okay. Cause I've got these three guys in my corner.


"The red coats are comin'! The red coats are comin'!"

This guy is ready to bare arms, anytime, anywhere, for me.


  1. Ha! You may not be a usual klutz, but I am! I have no balance whatsoever!!! I'm so glad you're okay besides your wounded pride. I'll tell you my treadmill story sometime and I promise you'll feel a TON better!

  2. Oh man! I am a Klutz! Never broken a bone though. Glad you are ok! I fell flat onto my face while I was walking out to our mailbox and was 2 months pregnant with Brandon. Good thing he wasn't that big.

  3. oh man, so sorry for your fall. It reminded me of the time I tripped on a speed bump with my oldest on my hip in front of the MTC, we had some fun scrapes to show off. I hope you both are o.k. :)

  4. K that picture of grace is hilarious! But I am so glad you are ok, i tripped on my driveway the other day and thank goodness no one was looking I would have died!

  5. I run into the wall all the time, or bonk my kids heads into the door jamb. I have no sense of depth at all. You've got one up on me... although I have never fallen carrying either of my kids :)

  6. It makes total sense that you fell while trying to do all of those things at once! I understand still holding him. Up until 2 months ago I was still carrying Jacob pretty frequently - and he's 4 now! I'm glad that you are okay.

  7. I hope you aren't hurt. That sucks that there were witnesses(:


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