Thursday, November 19, 2009

He's his father's child

Everyone, who is a mother to a toddler, knows that when there is "silence", there is trouble.

That's right people.
That's my kid. Digesting lotion.
He is his father's child.
Need I say more?
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  1. The look on his face in the second picture is the BEST!!! I caught Jaimen trying to do the same thing once.

    Isn't it weird how you don't notice the silence for a few minutes and then think "Hey-wait a minute, something is not right"?

  2. Yes that look on his face is to die for! Oh my heck! He just wanted his breath to smell like a baby!

  3. Oh, he is sooo cute. Probably why he still breathes, right? He may have some kind of definciency if he's sucking down lotion. Like...maybe, I don't know, a baby lotion deficiency. Don't you feed him?? Anything like that is definitely dad's fault!

  4. Oh NO!!! That totally stinks - but he is so happy :) I have to know - did he have diarrhea after that?

  5. Kim,

    No diarrhea! I think he digestive system has grown immune to any lotion-like products. And chapstick. And household cleaners.

  6. Oh my! Well, good luck with that, friend! I guess he likes it? I have never seen a kid do that before, LOL!!

  7. I can't tell you the number of times silence has made me stop's terrifying! You're going on your merry way, then suddenly you realize that it's silent. Oh. No.

    I have come upon a similar scene, only it was food coloring instead of lotion.


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