Friday, August 21, 2009

Wasn't it just yesterday?

Last week Cody turned the big 1,2. That's 12 years old people!

It seems like it was just yesterday that those two pink lines appeared on the ol' pregnancy test, revealing what would be inevitably, my life changing forever.

It seems like it was just yesterday, when I ordered my husband to throw away our live Christmas tree, because I believed it smelled "rotten" and I would gag and experience bouts of nausea whenever I got a good whiff of blue spruce.

And wasn't it just yesterday when my doctor told me I had THE worst stretch marks (extreme itching and bleeding) he had ever seen on a pregnant woman?

It was just yesterday when I experienced 15 hours of gut wrenching, back breaking labor, vomiting, and of course my love affair with the epidural man? "Oh how I love thee, epidural man!"

And then finally after a very long, uncomfortable pregnancy, and then labor, my sweet baby Cody was placed in my arms. It was just yesterday, wasn't it?

I marveled at this miraculous being. I soaked in every detail of my pink, reddish, brown haired, babe. And he even sported a butt chin, to boot! Just like his daddy's.

12 years later, and I feel overwhelmed, that time has gone by way to fast. My son will be passing the sacrament this next Sunday for the first time and next year he will be attending the big, bad, school...Jr. High! (insert hyperventilating)

My heart aches just a tad, knowing that I will no longer be searching for his cute little mug in the crowd of fellow Primary kiddlettes, as he pretends to sing during the Primary Programs.

He's off to bigger pastures. Not necessarily greener pastures, just bigger. Because these past years have ALL been green pastures for me.


  1. Happy Birthday, Cody! What a milestone. Do you feel grateful that he's survived this long? I sometimes wonder if my kids will survive to 12. Or if I will survive! And how cool to have another priesthood holder in the house!

  2. So Sad! I can't even imagine Layne being that old, even though sometimes I wish he was! He is so stinkin cute! Hope he had a great birthday!

  3. Um, I am misty after that post. I cried when Cache went to Primary for the first time, and again when he sang with them for the first time in Sacrament meeting. Man, I'm totally in for it.

    Happy Birthday to your little man!

  4. I can't believe Cody's 12, I can't believe how big Conner is getting. How do they keep growing up without us getting any older????

  5. The whole priesthood thing gets me! He is growing up way too fast. I was just remembering when I came home from my mission and I would come over and play with him and take him to the park. Those were the good ol' days.

  6. Boy look at you now!! Enjoy it as the next birthday he will be a teenager!!


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