Thursday, May 28, 2009


You may notice that every post I blog about has a purpose. That's just the way I groove, man. Whether it's about crazy Conner, something I've made, or something that I have OCD'd about, there is always a purpose or theme.
Well today I am throwing caution into the wind! This month has thrown me into a downward spiral of disarray. It's been a month of sickness for me. It started off with the pukes and has now turned into an endless, monotony of coughing. It's not a bad cough. It's the 'tickle in the back of your throat' kind of cough. But it's enough to make me want to pull my hair out. I wonder if I have allergies. I've never had to deal with allergies and totally feel for anyone that has to deal with them. But then I don't have the itchy, watery eyes, or the sniffles and runny nose. Just a stupid cough. A cough that has tested the strength of my bladder for the last few weeks. (those of you that have given birth know what I mean. or not. maybe my bladder is just dorky.)
See what I mean.
Again with the coughing!
Since I've decided to throw caution into the wind, I decided to post about some recent happenings and pictures that our little family has experienced.
Soccer season is finally over. Amen.
Here are some cool action shots of my oldest, little man. Our poor team struggled this year. It was an uphill battle the whole way, but they tried with all of their might. He forgot his jersey on this particular day. Sheesh.
Conner enjoyed running away or running onto the field, during the entire game. He also enjoyed giving a soccer ball a ride in his stroller.
And then check out that coach... (insert whistle - Woot! Woo!)



A couple of weeks ago, our school's 5th graders put on a 'Wax Museum' display.

Cody chose to be Wilbur Wright - co-inventor of the airplane. I quickly sewed this nifty vest, threw a hat on him and called it good. I tried to convince Cody to put a bald head piece on, 'cause the dude was bald, but Cody wasn't cool with that.

Do you like the pose he chose. He decided to look down, so he wouldn't have to look at all of the people gawking at him.

I had a good time, making his friends crack up.


excuse me

And look at that poster on the left! I thought he was going to be graded on it and I made Cody put in some extra effort in decorating it and stuff. After the 'Wax Museum' tour, I realized that we really didn't have to put much effort into it. He only got points for bringing a poster. Lame.

Last night, as I was watering my flowers, I found this...

No, not the veiny, sinewy, muscular arm. The snake. The poor thing was so frightened of us, he pooped and peed in defense. Which is exactly what I would do. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I'm really not that afraid of snakes. As long as I find them first and they don't find me.

Conner enjoyed the snake and wanted to toss a football back and forth with him. He chucked the football at him, but the snake was not amused.


insert cough drop

I bought a lawnmower for Conner yesterday, since no one else seems to want to mow our lawn. He didn't mow our lawn but he did mow our driveway. Over and over again. His mower also comes equipped with bubbles. Yeah, I went for the up-grade model.

He has also decided to start scaling the walls and appliances. I've decided that he will be Spiderman for Halloween this year.

Last week I took him to get his haircut and I brought re-reinforcements (Steve and Cody). The last time he had a haircut it was a disaster! And that's putting it mildly. We blamed his attitude and tornadic acts on lack of sleep. Apparently we were wrong. So very wrong.

I don't know what happened. His first few haircuts went without any horrendous fits. He was so angelic-like. All passer-bys would 'oooo and awwww' at the cute baby. Long gone are those days. Steve had to sit with him and restrain him while I held his head. I wanted him to just have a trim, but instead I screamed to the hairdresser over the loud and constant whaling, "Buzz the kid! For heaven's sake, buzz him!"


I miss his hair. His hair was part of his trademark. It was floppy, yet Alfalfa-like, all at the same time. (sigh)

So there you have it. Just a few random pics and stories of our recent going-on's.
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  1. My boys loved the Wax Museum. I'm not looking forward to 5th grade. 2 more years to go. I love the hair cut. He's still so so cute.

    Sorry about your cough. I found out last fall that I'm now allergic to straw. It makes my tongue start to swell. Gross.

  2. Sorry about your cough, I saw a bagger lady at Harmon's yesterday, her eyeball was bright red because of allergies, at least thats not you.
    That was a long sentence.
    Jaimen used to act like that for haircuts too, except the last time I was able to take him I gave him a sucker to chill out. The stickiness ended up on me, along with hair, and blood(from my own finger). The next attempt, Alan cut his hair at home.
    Good luck with that next time. Jaimen's hair got buzzed too, and I missed his hair, its funny how you can miss hair, and not even your own.

    Cute pictures!

  3. I bet it is allergies--or one nasty bug that won't let go!

    I used to blog while I nursed Benjamin, but he now thinks the computer is a nice toy, so my blogging time has been cut drastically!!!

    nice vest--I need to mend clothes. The last time I sewed (besides mending), my 10 year old said "I didn'tknow you knew how to sew!" I guess I need to schedule time for sewing too.

    I like your new word--I might steal & use it too (random-nous).

    Take care!

  4. He looks like a little boy now!! The first haircut is so sad but so cute! Hope your cough gets better!

  5. Sorry to hear about the cough, that is no fun. But Cody looks great in his costume, very official. And sad to say, but buzzing the hair is just easier on those little boys. They get so old looking when the locks go, but it's just easier. Tanner has decided that it is not "cool" to have his hair buzzed and now wants us to leave his bangs longer. It is driving me crazy, but he says "all the boys in my class have longer hair" I have just raised a follower-I am so ashamed):

  6. I TOTALLY feel your pain, Sista! Check out the time here I am leaving this comment! 4am! I have been up all night listening to Brandon Cough!!
    Sleep... Sleep...

  7. Look at his hair!!!! I love it! And I still hate that snake. Would it be the one living in the stairs?

  8. There is nothing wrong with randomness....say it again and again.

    So sorry about your cough.Do you think its bronchitis? I had that once and it was awful!

  9. Are you alive? How's that cough?
    Your yard looks wonderful. You're a one-woman show, you are. And you can tell Steve I said that.
    Cody is so lucky to have a mom who can whip up an outfit for him in a flash. My kids will be screwed in that department; let's face it.

    See ya tomorrow!

  10. Oh I am dying laughing at the "buzz the kid!" story! That is so funny. Well, funny since it's not my kid. I totally understand though.

    That stinks about your cough! I hope it's gone by now since it's been a while since you posted this.

    Oh, and they totally should have given him points for the poster.


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