Sunday, April 26, 2009

Winner of the "spring bouquet" give away!

Time's up and my wiener has picked a winner!
See, he is a wiener.

Believe it or not, he picked one name. I too, am amazed.

But then, he tried to eat the name. Look at those cheeks full of paper.

And the winner is...

Woo hoo! Jayleen you are the wiener! I mean winner. Congratulations to one of my hometown homies, from the big and massive country of Wyoming.
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  1. YAY!!!!! That's so awesome! I'm way excited!!!! Thanks to sweet Conner for picking me!

  2. yay jayleen--you lucky wiener (winner).

    Conner--at least you stuck with the Wyoming connection, but next time, pick ME!!!

    fun, fun, fun!!


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