Monday, April 27, 2009

A love, hate relationship

I'm currently in a love, hate relationship.

I'm in love with him...

(future Chip-n-Dale's Dancer. We highly promote visitors to stuff dollar bills in his diaper)

But lately I'm hating his crazy antics. The kid does not stop. I'm at my wit's end and I'm exhausted.

He empties at least 5 drawers at least 5 times EVERY DAY.

Today he learned how to push down the childproof thingy on the cabinet door to our stash of DVDs and other movies. He emptied the cabinet 4 times and scratched at least 5 DVDs, while pushing them along the tile floor. ALL of the movies are currently laying in a mountain-ous heap on top of my bed.

I have re-arranged all of his dresser drawers and moved all of the items to his closet. It's only a matter of time before he learns how to climb the shelves in his closet. I'm so screwed.

I have also emptied 3 drawers in my kitchen. And I miss those drawers! He has also learned how to open the knife drawer. He has brandished a knife to various family members a total of 3 times now. As we run for our lives, he giggles. Scary.

Yesterday his nursery leader, who has been in the nursery for at least 9 years (her choice), told us that she has never had a toddler push a chair to the door, climb on top, and try to open the door. We are so proud. Not!

My friend tells me that he is quite intelligent, because of his problem solving abilities. Um, I wouldn't mind having a 'not so intelligent' child. Oh how quickly she has forgotten the time when Conner chucked a lamb from her Guatemalan Nativity scene across her family room and broke it's leg off. He broke the 'lamb of God'!

I have vowed to never take him shopping again. I'm positive I heard the Target employees applauding, as we left the store today. My apologies to the fellow shoppers that became the target of various flying objects, from our cart. Especially the nice gentleman that had to 'hit the ground', while Conner flung a package of feminine hygiene at his noggin. At least the package was soft.

I'm tired of the tantrums. I'm tired of the mischief. I'm tired of having to shut EVERY door behind me, because if I don't Conner will destroy everything in his path. I'm tired of him climbing EVERYTHING. I'm tired of him, throwing his food, utensils, cups and plates/bowls, every time he eats. (and I mean every time!) I'm tired of wrestling him with EVERY diaper change (for a year now!)

I'm just tired.

But then, there are the moments when he melts my heart.

I love how he runs. He has a little trot and the sound of him running on the wood floor makes me smile. I love his giggle. I love that he has his dad's bum chin. Cody inherited it also. I love his hair. He has the "Alfalfa" thing going for him. I love how he loves his big brother. I love it when he dances. When he dances he yells, "Weeeeeeeee!" I love his silliness. I love how his brain works. Even though I am sometimes tempted to sell him to the gypsies.

I know that this difficult age will pass and I will look back and actually miss this stage. One day he will no longer climb his dresser over and over and over again to inspect the digital thermometer.

(this is the look I got, when I threatened to change to a rectal thermometer, if he didn't stop messing with the digital one.)

What I do know is that the enjoyable times with Conner may be few and far in between, lately...but I know that when they do happen, he makes it all worth it.


  1. He is so cute and I think he is suck a LEWIS. Of course, everything that drives me nuts, I ask Steve if Larry used to do it. Of course he did!!! You've got to try it! Just ask Larry if Steve used to empty everything. Of course, Larry has no clue, but he will agree to it! So he gets it all from Scuba!

  2. Oh Jen! You definitley have your hands full!!!!!!!!! But the sweet moments are the best, and make it all worth right.....most of the time. :)

  3. Mine are 9, 7 and 5 and I feel like I'm still waiting for them to grow out of it. I wish you all the best. I hope the better moments come more frequently becuase when they are too far apart mom just collapses. So good luck with that. I'd offer help but I have my own problems! ;)

  4. Hey Jen....I told you I'd love to take him off your hands for awhile! He can come and throw things at my house (and oh by the way, the nativity Lamb is fixable! And it was my fault it was left where he could get it so NO WORRIES!!!!) He is very smart, you can see it in his eyes! Please let me give you a break...he'd be fun to chase for awhile..I really miss not having to do that. Every stage is tough but has its good times too! Good luck my friend!

  5. sigh--I can feel your pain of this love/hate relationship! One day, one day....

    I have no suggestions--just sympathy & empathy. Good LUCK!!!

    BTW--I nominated you for an award--go check out my blog :)

  6. He is absolutely adorable, need I say more. Sit him outside, point him in the direction on my house and go take a nap.

  7. Okay, you've now solidified what I have suspected for a couple months now...K/Conner=Trouble, handful, tornado, handsome, and totally loveable! Here's to hoping his tormenting days become fewer and further between for you!

  8. You are right you will defanitly miss it someday. He is darling, how can you get mad at the little guy? :)

  9. He is adorable but just to verify things, Steve wasn't like that... I think he gets it from his Uncle Larry!!! Steve just followed John around so all you ever saw was the back of his head tipped watching John. He played quietly most of the time. He was a more serious child. He reminds me of Alex. but Brock now.... He too took after Uncle Larry!! They are the explorers and inovators of the world... Brock could always make me laugh and cry at the same time. But have faith young one there is hope... Just look at Brock now..and Alex and Kassy..

  10. Boys are so full of energy, huh! I completely understand. That is hilarious about Target - okay, I wouldn't have been laughing if it were me, but it wasn't and I know you won't mind me laughing.

    You sound like you need to run away for a few days. (Or maybe just one whole day.) That always helps least it gets me though another day.

    Good luck!!!

  11. He is so dang cute! He reminds me of my little stinker here. How can you get mad at such a cutie patootie ;)
    I know how you feel there!

  12. People keep telling me that they grow up too fast, that I will miss this stage and it is so hard to believe them. I hate that I go to bed at night tired from chasing after my two youngest.
    But, they are worth it and we love them!


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