Thursday, April 2, 2009

Winner of the "Spring" blocks giveaway!!!

Here's our distinguished winner picker-er...

Guess you can't look too distinguished with that hair-do.

Can you feel the excitement? My little guy can! Look at him itching to pick the winner's name!

"Let me at them!"

So many names to choose from!

Ooooo! There it is! There's the winner's name!
Open it already!

And the winner is....

Holly!!! from "Seriously Holly"

Woo hooo!

Me and Conner are doing the happy dance! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Congratulations Holly!

The one bad thing about these little giveaways, is that I wish I can give a prize to EVERYONE!

I want to thank everyone for commenting, sharing their cleaning tips, and linking me. I am truly touched.

I'm planning on doing some posts on my OCD Calendar of all of the wonderful tips that you shared with me. All of the tips were amazing and make my heart flutter with excitement!

Remember to check in, on my lil 'ol blog, for next month's giveaway.

This was a blast!


  1. Congrats, Holly. If it couldn't be me, I'm glad it was you!

  2. YAY Holly! THANKS Jen, this was fun!

  3. Well I really wanted to win :( But Holly deserves it since her computer was crashing as she was leaving a comment. Congrats Holly!

  4. Woohoo Holly! We'll all just have to go visit the cute blocks at her house. Thanks Jen for the fun giveaway contest - you are too talented!

  5. Jen,
    They look fantastic on my mantle. As soon as you gave them to me tonight, I put them right up. Love. THEM!!! YAY! I never win so tell Conner thanks for picking his future mother-in-law. It's important that we build a good relationship now.

    Kim, come on over! I haven't seen you forever. It would be fun to catch up!

    Oh no... another virus popup. I guess I'll quit this comment. My brother needs to get his butt over here and fix my computer!

  6. Cool I wanted to win:{ but congratulations Holly. You are definitely one talented lady Jen.. We are lucky to have you in the family....


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