Friday, April 3, 2009

Flashback Friday - Prom Bomb

Awww prom. Such fond memories of the proms that I attended. When preparing for the prom, there was much to be expected. My date, my hair, and of course, perhaps the single most important aspect of prom - my dress.

Almost every teenage girl was willing to endure the daily, monotony, that was of high school, in order to attend the prom. Prom was the highlight of our high school careers. We lived for prom. There were many moons that I dreamed of my prom and I vowed to have my "Pretty in Pink" moment!

Much to my disappointment, this dress turned out to be hideous. "Oh Andie, we had such high hopes for the dream prom dress that you created!"

Nothing screamed, the "90's", like my junior prom dress did. I was surprised my parents let me leave the home in this dress, due to the plunging neck line, see-through lace sleeves, and the gaping low back. I felt pretty, yet a little naughty, at the same time. It was a soft peach color with an ultra hip, hem-line. I was gorg! I was hot!

I spent countless hours preparing for my junior prom. Curling every single hair on my head and ratting my bangs to reach maximum height. My date, and boyfriend at the time, managed to shave the scruff off of his face and put a comb through his mullet. It was a little too "bouffant" if you ask me. I had hoped he would pluck the hairy, caterpillar-like, uni-brow for our special night...but sadly the hairy caterpillar, also made an appearance on prom night.

Our lil' high school decided to go with a "big city" theme that year and adorned the local Elks Lodge with black tulle and top hats. We were so hip!

My mullet-stylin' boyfriend didn't bother to empty his pockets for our memorable pic. Nice.

There were some other couples, just as stylish as us, that attended prom that year! And I knew I just had to share their pictures with you, my friends!

Terrell did his best, to keep a straight face, when his girlfriend, LaShonda, came up with idea of wearing matching Winnie the Pooh, prom attire, for their special night. "Only for you, Pooh Bear."

Amber and her friends were elated to find out that they would be attending the prom with a Bon Jovi cover band. "You give love....a bad name!"

Fellow classmates were in awe of Reggie's pimped out cane. He topped the look off, by matching his girl, Shaniqua's, prom frock.

Rico, suave.

Seymour was thoroughly impressed with Opal's prom dress...that she knitted herself. Opal's inspiration was the macrame plant holder that hung from the ceiling, at her grandmother's house.

Opal's grandmother called this macrame pattern, Sunshine Surprise!

Nicky and Nikki turned heads, as they entered the fully decked out Prom arena! Nicky was resourceful, when picking out this camo, donning tux. The following morning he went duck hunting.

Kee Shawn and Shenaynay were in perfect harmony with their coordinating prom attire. Created and hand sewn by Shenaynay's older sister, Lakesha, no less! Now there's a future clothing designer! Everyone agreed that they should be voted as that years Prom King and Queen!


  1. It all just puts my prom post to shame. You make me laugh until Diet Pepper comes out of my nose. Seriously!

  2. Ya, I never got asked to prom, so I asked someone myself! I was not about to miss my senior prom! You are hilarious! Love the pictures!

  3. I am so sure the first pictures are from one of my proms. You rock!! So funny.

  4. Wow! That photo with all the 80's hair is hilarious!! Holy hairspray and split ends!

  5. I think Nick and Nikki showed up at Brock's prom last weekend.... too funny.. You indeed looked beautiful.. From a distance it looks very modest...

  6. Thanks for making me laugh... i was hoping there was a flashback friday post on here.

  7. Oh my Gosh! What's stashed in his pockets!! LOL! Nevermind, forget I asked that question. You looked great by the way. I remember prom. I think I had to pull some hairs to get Shane to go, but he finally went with me, cause it was the "Big" dream, right ;)
    Funny post! You made me laugh.

  8. I thought he was just happy to be there with you.

    You should see some of the dresses from our Proms here where I work. Oh, I wish I could post them, we have some doozies.

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