Thursday, March 26, 2009

OCD Calendar

The last couple of weeks my OCD tendencies, have taken a back seat. I had family visiting one weekend, my body decided to strike against me, which resulted in obnoxious explosions from both ends, and I had this Relief Society thingy. I'm happy to say that I survived and that I'm beginning to feel the OCD itch, again.

I stated that in my last OCD Calendar post, I was going to clean and organize my youngest turd's room. It didn't happen. But I'm going to be conquering it tonight! And I shall prevail! Then, by the weekend, it will be destroyed again. Because my baby is a maniac! He's a maniac! a maniac! On the floor! (gotta love the "Flash Dance" mantra) Remember Chris Farley in Tommy Boy? Dancing the "maniac dance"? Ahahahahaha! Snort, snort! Ahhhh-hahahahahaha! I love that movie!

Usually I focus on replenishing my food storage during this time of the month, but there was a change of plans - case lot sales, baby! I bought tp! I bought 3 cases of water! I bought sugar! I bought spaghetti sauce! I'm so relieved that I won't run out of tp soon, and that I won't have to resort to tree leaves. Which is a highly unpleasent experience. Don't ask.

On Saturday, I plan on cleaning and organizing more of my kitchen cupboards. Or is it cabinets? What-ev. I will be cleaning all of the cupboards/cabinets/drawers that surround my stove. Did I happen to mention that I'm so excited to clean this section of cabinets/cupboards/drawers? I'm weird.

A cute bloggy friend of mine, named Lynsie, that is due to bring forth a baby girl soon, posted a question on her blog recently. (CLICK HERE to check out her cute belly) The question was, "how do you prevent or get rid of those annoying, fuzzies off your towels?" Those towels that cost you an arm and leg! Those towels that you bought, because they are extremely snugly! Those towels that leave red fuzzies on your bum, when you dry yourself! (as Lynsie, mentioned on her blog)

I wondered about this little problem, because nothing is more annoying than red fuzzies on your bum. You can use one of those lint roller things. But then, who wants to de-lint all of your towels. C'mon! I'd rather leave the fuzzies on my tush, thank you! So I did a little investigating, and this is what I came up with. One dude, on some website, said to wash and dry towels only with their other towel friends. Okay, that's a given, but there may be someone out there that washes and dries their towels with their undies. The other thing he said to do was to shave your towels. Yup, you heard me right. Take a razor blade to your towels. But be careful to not snag the towels or cut yourself. The last suggestion, was to dry your towels with some velvet material. He actually said to dry them with some velvet pants. Who has velvet pants? Maybe your aunt Ida, who still wears fashion wear from the seventies, does. If so, borrow hers. But any-hoo, I believe velvet material will work the same. Apparently the fuzzies will adhere to the velvet.

Ways to prevent the fuzzies from appearing on your towels are to change your lint traps often. Do not use fabric softeners, when you wash your towels. This prevents your towels from being as absorbent. Do not dry your towels on a high temperature. Instead, use the tumble dry or the fluff dry option on your dryer. Another tip is to wash your towels on the shortest wash cycle. Your towels are most likely not that dirty and only need to be agitated a little to get them clean. Someone suggested wiping down the insides of your washer and dryer in between each wash or drying cycle, to wipe away any loose lint particles. Okay, really? Even I wouldn't do this. But I am guilty of wiping down the insides of my washer and dryer a time or two. I know, I need help.

I hope this helps you Lynsie!

Now, I'm sure you are wondering how my bedroom re-do is going. Well, it hasn't. (I'm holding my head down in shame). I promise to keep working on it.

Good luck will all of your cleaning endeavors!


  1. I am actually reading this post and feeling GOOD that I actually accomplished some mighty fine things this week in my kitchen. I still have the rest of the house to please keep up the OCD!

  2. There definitely isn't anything more annoying then fuzzies on your expensive towels! Especially when they end up on your bum! Thanks for visiting, it's always fun to meet new bloggers, I think I'm OCD too, but I'm expecting #4 right now so I think it's in remission right now, I'd rather sleep than clean!

  3. Apparently I'm not in the loop, because my towels don't leave any fuzzies on my bum. Perhaps it's just good luck, or maybe they are there and I don't spend enough time looking. (I try to avoid catching glimpses of that area as it tends to expand without notice.)

  4. LOVE this OCD things. Keep em' coming :)

  5. You have inspired me! I am going to tackle my kitchen cabinets today. (I already started on the drawers and am quite happy with the results.) You rule, thanks for the tips on the towels! I actually DO have some fake-velvet pants left over from the early 90's - NO I DON'T WEAR THEM - and I'm going to try drying them with my fluffy red towels.

  6. my towels don't get lint balls why I don't know but... maybe Scott has a secret since he does the laundry... I'll ask him..


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