Monday, February 16, 2009

You tell me!

I'm having problems. Problems, you ask? Yes, problems.
I have numerous ideas on what to blog about, in my head. But, I can't decide on what to choose. Such as today. I started the day off wanting to blog about our morning ritual. It involves, food being thrown, getting ready for school, and the mere fact that each of us were able to get up and get dressed. Then as the day passed by, I thought of blogging about the difference between Wyoming (where I was born and raised) and Utah. This subject would involve making fun of both states and the people that dwell with in the state lines. Pure entertainment.
Then I thought of venting my Wal-mart frustrations, which let's face it... is a subject we can all relate to.
Or how about changing poopy diapers. They stink, literally, but when I change Conner's diapers it involves my mad wrestling/entertaining/manipulating skills.
My daily routines seem to always flash blog ideas, in my mind. "That person was a nit wit!" I think. "I should blog about that!" "My husband does not adhere to the honey-do list rules. It's like pulling teeth to get him to do some things around here!" There are many times I have held myself back, from not venting my frustrations with this subject.
All of these above subjects went into consideration for a post today. But alas, my mind is blank. Sometimes I second guess my ideas. What will people think of me? Is that too gross? Is this boring? Like my OCD calendar... Is it boring?
I just don't know!
So I'm taking it my bloggy peeps for their opinions. What would you like me to blog about? You can choose one of the ideas from the ones mentioned above, or come up with one for me. Give me a subject! Any subject! (well, a reasonable subject)
Here's some topics to choose from, if you wish.
Jobs that I have had
Living in a house of boys. I'm all alone. Help me.
My calling. 2nd counselor in the RS Presidency. This will not necessarily be funny. I have to be reverent sometimes.
The Wal-mart attire. Mullet and spandex conventions tend to conjugate around the country, at the Wal-marts. You can bet on some juicy pics.
Hollywood fashion
TV shows I watch and make fun of. There are many.
Me and my big fat boobs. A rant, near and dear to my heart.
Let me know. Pass on my challenge to others. Please, (whisper) Ease my pain.
And here's something to entice you to actually answer my call... I will give a cuter than cute gift to whoever lights that light bulb above my noggin. I will! I'm that desperate! I'll even ship it to Tensleep Wyoming, if I have to!
*rules and regulations
There really aren't any. If more than one person chooses a subject that really entices me, I will pick their name out of a hat. It's the fair thing to do.
You have 3 days to help me. And the timer starts....NOW!


  1. Living in a house of boys. I'm all alone. Help me. for sure, I cringe for you! You have to work EXTRA hard at keeping the lid down and a little bit of mullet and spandex talks with your amazing finds in pics should do the trick! =)

  2. Everything you post is hilarious! You could write about anything and it will be entertaining. Will you be entertaining us on Thursday night with your wit and charm?

  3. Definitely compare the two states. WIth your sense of humor, that would be awesome!!!

  4. Your so funny, I don't know why you fret about what to write. And the OCD calendar? not boring.

    Funny you would bring up Walmart and the attire, I was just thinking yesterday that everyone talks about walmart and people there. I finally looked at people recently, really looked at them. I usually go in as fast as I can, touch the least amount of items I can, and stand in line behind all the food stamp people that are in the store at the same time.
    Wow there are some winners at Walmart, especially Harrisville Walmart, try it sometime for kicks.
    And when are they going to put blinkers and horns on the carts??

    Talk about Utah vs Wyoming.

    Talk about anything, I'll read it, and love it.

  5. oh sorry I wasn't trying to do a post in your comments, you just got me going on Walmart.

  6. You're so creative. I'd love for you to share more craft ideas. The job chart was a great idea.

    If you decide to focus on the girls, please keep those of us who weren't blessed with that physical attribute in mind. Perhaps I should call mine the boys. . .

  7. Jen, you are so witty and so funny that anything you post is fun to read. Even when it's all nice and serious, you get the tear factory going. I am just as stuck in the mud as you are, so if you have any ideas you want to share, I would love to hear them too :)

  8. I think living in a house of boys would be an awesome one.....probably because i can relate!!! really jen anything you write is entertaining and i love reading your blog....

  9. Boobs! Big fat boobs!

  10. Yes, do a blog about the girls! I only get big boobs when I'm pregnant and nursing, and I've got nothing on you. Please tell us what it is like because you will make it so funny and then maybe we can pool our money together to get you a reduction so you don't end up all curled up around yourself(:

  11. Seriously! Everything you blog about is hilarious!! I love reading all of your posts, so I think any of those topics would be great. I really do enjoy all your updates about what Conner has gotten into today, though! He definitely keeps you on your toes--good thing he SO DANG CUTE!!

  12. The states too funny. However, I do love Wal-Mart humor. But I really hate my boobs. I can't wait to see what you choose!!!

  13. I know I'm late, and I'm not helpful either. I am at a loss myself for ideas on what to blog about. I go through a similar thought process (minus the big boobs, of course) many times a week. And then I end up posting nothing. Your ideas are great though, and I LOVE your OCD calendar so please don't stop doing that one. All of your ideas are great/

    Maybe you could do the morning pic when you get up and what it takes to become the gorgeous you every day. heheehe. I've thought about doing that one but I don't have the guts to do it. I'll live vicariously.

  14. Jen whatever you blog about will be great.. Love to read your blogs!!Me and the girls just might make some of wish you could share but..


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