Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OCD Calendar

I have one question...Have you felt it?!?!?!?! You know what I'm talkin' about?!?!?!?! I'm talking about the fever, man! The cleaning/organizing fever! Oh yeah.
Well, I've felt it. And just about everyone that I have talked to has felt it. Okay, maybe just a couple of people have felt the fever. The problem with me is that my fever won't go away. But that's a personal problem. But I'm telling you, the fever is good. Embrace the fee-vah!
This week is going to be a little hectic. I have many things to do and a short time to do them. Our family will be traveling down south to the vast dessert in Arizona this weekend, to witness the baptism of our nephew. Sooooo, I better get movin'!
Wednesday I will be attempting to conquer a battle that has plagued me from the moment we have moved into our house. 7 years ago! My mud room/laundry room closet. I hate this closet! Every time I open the door to retrieve a broom, my iron, or a bucket, I shudder. I have re-arranged this stupid closet so many times... you don't even know, people! (*just a little note for the husbands out there... DO NOT construct the closets without consulting your wives first! )
*Que creepy Physco music...reek, reek, reek, reek!

See this... Un-used space! That's alot of space that I can use and darn-it I will!

I have asked my husband numerous times to build some cubbies and shelves, but for some reason my feminine ways have not persuaded him in doing so. I'm beginning to question my "feminine ways". In fact, I even asked him to grant my wish for last Mother's Day. Ahem. Click here to see the proof, since he just doesn't seem to recall me asking him for this.
So, I've decided to take the matter in to my own hands. This could be scary. I hope to show the "after" pictures with pride, once I'm done. Wish me luck.

Thursday I will be making another trip to the DI. Because I have that much crap and it just so happens, our ward is going to be having a clothing/toy swap that night at the church. Problem solved.

Along with the cleaning/organizing bug, I have the food storage/emergency preparednesses bug. I will be finishing my Emergency binder this week that will include copies of evacuation plans, insurance info, personal documents (ss cards, birth certif. and stuff), emergency phone numbers, bank account numbers, id's and passwords, and many more tid bits of vital info.

Every month I have set aside a certain amount of money, that I have budgeted, to buy something for our food storage. I only buy the certain item/s if they are on sale. So today I will be checking out the sales fliers and seeing what I desire to purchase in massive amounts. Well, as much as I have budgeted for. I do this near the end of every month, because that is when we seem to have some extra money. You can also do this any time of the month that works best for you. And let me tell ya, each time I replenish my food storage, I feel relief. I have found some awesome web sites about food storage and I have found one that will actually e-mail you about every two weeks to tell you every step of what you need to do to accomplish a year supply food storage and emergency preparedness plan. It's so lovely!

So go on my lovelies! Go! Go organize a closet, purge some crap and donate it to DI or Salvation Army or some other place, and work on an emergency binder and food storage for your family. It will do your family good!

Oh, and here's another beautiful site from when I cleaned behind my washer and dryer the other week. Items found: 1 fire detector, 1 set of pajama bottoms, 1 penny, 1 dime, 1 sock, 2 screws, and a whole lot of ick.

Oh. My. Gosh.


  1. Fever? I guess I have felt a little bit warm. I did clean out my fridge and freezer. It left me a little cold. So I need another warm spell to get me going again.

  2. Hey I vacuumed today does that count???

  3. Can I just hire you to be my personal OCD organizer??? That would be easier for me! I did finish McKay's room this week...does that count for something? I even made my own vinyl saying with my cricket...it looks awesome!

  4. Where in the he** do you get your energy???
    Okay Okay I am pregnant, but even before I was pregnant, I enjoyed getting off work and sitting my butt on the couch for hours.
    My poor poor son, really needs me to have energy, even if its cleaning energy, at least its energy.

  5. I can't say I've ever really felt the fe-vah but Brian has it bad enough for both of us. Can't wait to see the after shots of the closet. Perhaps I will feel motivated to do something with mine.

  6. Ok, Last night, I was seriously in the process of leaving a comment and then distractions from kids came along (I am sure you know where I am coming from on this one)
    I was going to say, I did feel a fever, but it wasn't the same one you were talking about. I am telling you though, you can come clean my house anytime you have that kind of fever!

  7. Oh, the behind the dryer is never a fun spot to clean. It scares me, it really does.

  8. GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!? You won my necklace contest!! Thanks for stopping by. It is always so much fun to meet new blog friends.

    E-mail me at alittlewhitehouse at gmail dot com and we'll get going on your order!

    Have fun cleaning!!!!


  9. Whoa! G'luck on the closet shelf building, you can do it! =) I did wash the lint trap on the dryer last week and let it soak and dry overnite and swept and mopped the laundry room. I also shampood the carpets in the 2 upstairs kids' rooms so I guess I have had a fever a bit...

    Spring is on the way though, the wall washing and cleaning out the old/unused clothing/coats will commence soon enough!

    Oh, I do need to tackle my desk really soon though, after all that tax filing - receipt - paper going through that mountain of extra paperwork is gonna be fun! ><

  10. Wait, you're supposed to clean behind your washer and dryer? Uh, oh. Hmm, turns out that maybe you should never come over. Ever. Seriously.

    In other news, I have caught the fever! I'm feeling all kinds of ambitious and I sincerely hope I can tackle all the projects that are exploding from my head. You are my inspiration! Best of luck with your closet and other projects, I have no doubt that you'll do great!!

  11. I had the fever one day last week and cleared off my bar. I also put some of Whitley's summer clothes away in a bin instead of just thrown on a shelf. I was going to clean the dust off of my fans, too, but the fever lifted and I sat down and read a book. I have a feeling the fever will be much hotter with the coming months of nesting, once we know what this baby is then I will have to prepare a place for it, somewhere. It is fun to feel your O.C.D madness!

  12. You and I, my friend are so similar in sick humor and yet so different in our mad cleaning skills. However, you would be proud of me. I cleaned my ceiling fans today. It was in an effort to be like you, oh holy cleaning goddess.

  13. Cody is such a cute kid! I wonder where he gets his fun personality? His mom! Good luck with the shelves! Sometimes we just have to do it ourselves!


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