Monday, November 24, 2008

I Did This!

It's been a while, my friends, and I have missed you so!

We recently had an unexpected death in the family and I have been busy making ornaments, blankets, preparing for the RS Christmas party (which will be amazing!), and the everyday things that just seem to keep on piling up.
I have a little personalized ornament business and every Christmas season, I become bombarded with orders. I've made everything from a nurse holding a syringe full of blood to a guy wearing his favorite Patriot's cap, holding a Budweiser and holding a pool cue in another hand.

Here are a couple of ornaments that I made today.
This is Isabel who is 1 and is wearing pink jammies with her bunny slippers and holding her doll. Isn't she sweet?


  1. these are too cute!!Thanks for sharing your talent with the world!! Hope life is semi back to normal...... I know I know just what is normal anyways???

  2. You are so talented. When I was in Primary years ago, you made one for me with my 2 LITTLE boys. It was so cute. I displayed it until my little boys got BIGGER and got to it and destroyed it. I love the bunny slippers!

  3. So cute! Your bountiful talents amaze me!

  4. Wow, you are crafty!

    Sorry about the death in the family.

  5. So Cute, Jen!! Someday I may have to see if you will make me a few ;)
    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope everything settles down for you soon!

  6. I just want to be you. You have the greatest talent! I need to order some ornaments for myself from you!

  7. What a darling little girl! I love the bunny slippers. I loved the ones you made for Nya and Corbin. (Especially the one with Nya's bum showing out the trap door of her jammies.) Although, they did end up destroying them. . .sounds like Jennie's kids and my kids should go bowling!

  8. how do we get a personally made by Jen ornament? SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!Talent amundo, very impressivo!

  9. As always, your talent never ceases to amaze me.

    You are ONE amazing, talented woman.


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