Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference Weekend Re-cap

This morning I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the many posts about General Conference. It's so nice to read what talks were every one's favorites and which ones really touched their hearts.

I, unfortunately, only heard little tid bits here and there. Because... this is what I've been dealing with since THURSDAY.

Oh yeah, you guessed it. My entire little family has been paying our respects to the porcelain gods. Well, and the plastic buckets.

Conner began on Thursday and hasn't stopped. He's doing better, but we have been re-introducing liquids by the teaspoons full and food very slowly. His little tummy is taking forever to recover. My poor baby has not had a full bottle or meal since Wednesday.

It was my turn next! All night Friday, it was a party in my potty! Par-tay! Thankfully I'm doing better, but I've had a three day headache and a volcano has emerged on my face and ready to blow, due to the stress.

Mount Jennifer is ready to blow. I'm pretty sure I saw some mountain climbers hiking there way up to the top, earlier.

My knight in shining armor came to rescue, while I was sick. He took care of sicky sick baby Conner the whole time. And he does not deal with the pukes, very well.

Saturday was Cody's turn. The poor kid. Unfortunately, the "poor kid" has the worst aim of all us. I ended up having to wash his bed skirt, also. He's doing better, but I'm not letting him go to school. I'm too tired and lazy to get him up.

I'm sure you are wondering how I have managed to find the time and energy to create a new post, under these conditions. Well, I need you people! I need to read your funny anecdotes and to look at silly pictures of your kids! It's my little gift to myself, to forget about the cest pool of obnoxious smells and germs that are looming over my house. One will be smart to keep their distance, until further notice. Now excuse me please... my knight in shining armor has begun to pay his respects to the porcelain gods.

Oh heaven help us!


  1. Oh, I am so, so sorry. That is the worst! Good luck recovering.

  2. I'm so sorry, Jen! I hope everyone is on the mend quickly. Let me know if you need help. Just make sure it's AFTER you get better. I don't want it!!

  3. That blows! So sorry. Get feeling better! And dido what Jennie said.

  4. Hope you are all feeling better!! sometimes it's good to be far away!! LOL We have just gotten the colds from hell that won't go away and keep you hacking up a lung every 10 minutes but other than that we're good!! Flu shots will be scheduled for this week though you can guarantee that!!!

  5. You poor dears! I saw Steve at the grocery store on Saturday morning, it must sneak up on you quickly! I hope you are all feeling better really really soon! Barfing stinks!

  6. Icky!

    So sorry your feeling crappy.
    Now I kinda feel bad for laughing so hard at your previous 'puke' story. Sorry it was FUNNY!

    This not so funny.

    I will think of you every time I see a toilet.

  7. Double Yuck! The offer of saltines and 7-up still stands, if you are feeling up to anything. Let me help you with something - I am really good at laundry (LOTS of practice).

  8. No fun! It is so sad to have a sick baby. I always feel so helpless. Whenever I'm sick I always think, oh man, if I ever get better, I will be so thankful for good health! Being sick is the pits! I love your story about the cowboy and the puking! You are hilarious! What we go through as women!

  9. Oh, Jen. I hope you are all feeling better now. That is no fun at all. We are excited to see you all this weekend, hope it's safe(:

  10. Oh No!! I hope you get feeling better soon, Jen!! We have had our share too. Not fun! I AM next door practically if you need anything! Just holler out the front door and I will be over!! Take Care!

  11. Oh, dearest friend - I'm so sorry!! My stress is nothing compared to what you've been dealing with!

    Lets see - what fun, crazy things have been happening around the Jolley household that may bring a smile to your face. How about this morning - my son who is 3 was watching a movie on my computer while I was in the shower (baby was napping). Afterwards, both boys are playing and I come down to the computer to turn off the movie and check my email. My son comes down the stairs and says, "Don't sit on the chair - you don't want to sit in the peepees". WHAT?!?!?! Yessir, my son wet his pants ON MY CHAIR! It's also piddled on the floor below. Nice.

    Oh, and during my opening night for my play? The straps on my dress came unsnapped. During a scene. I didn't expose myself, mind you, but it was a close one.

    See? Feel better?


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