Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Chuck E Cheese Chronicles

Back in the day, when I was a wee child, I remember watching Chuck E Cheese commercials on the 'ol family television. Oh how I wished I could partake of the joyous merriment of playing various electronic games, winning tickets, and eating a piece of steaming, hot, cheesy, pizza. However, I am from a remote town, that was three hours away from the nearest mall. It didn't happen. My wish was put on hold.

But I am pleased to announce that just this last Friday, my undying wish came true!

I finally set foot inside of a Chuck E Cheese for the first time, at the tender age of 36. I stood in the midst of the one and only, Chuck E Cheese. I am not worthy.

My sis-in-law, Kate invited our family to go to Chuck E Cheese's with her family. How could I resist! I needed a break from the constant month long preparations of Super Saturday (an all-out, day long, crafting, bonanza with my ward for church).

As we approached the Chuck E Cheese, my heart was a flutter. We began to make our way to the front doors when a crying, hysterical child clung on to the door handles, refusing to leave. "No! No! No! I don' wanna go, daddy! I don' wanna go home, daddy!"

I knew it. Chuck E Cheese was awesome! How could it not be, when kids are throwing extravagant fits and refusing to leave?

When we entered the doors, I became over whelmed. There was a sea of people, crowding the floors. It was a sea of many different, and interesting people, that is. And I am pleased to share some delightful pictures and tales with you.

One of the first things that I noticed was a cage-like unit hanging from the ceiling, holding several children. It looked a little barbaric and in-humane, but I totally digged it. (is digged a word?)

I felt sorry for the Chuck E Cheese employees. I'll have to remember to include them in my daily prayers.

I was looking forward to my first, steaming hot cheesy piece of Chuck E Cheese pizza experience.... I was disappointed.

(this picture was not taken by me, but my pizza was an exact replica of the one shown above. nasty.)

There were all sorts of children running around. Cute ones, annoying ones, barefoot ones (ewwwww), crazy ones, and rude ones. Like this rude one pictured below. My oldest son, Cody put his tokens into this game, was about to push the button, when Spanky cut in front of him and pushed the button. I bet Spanky got the boot on his leg from someone kicking him in the shin for being so rude. Turd.

What was more amusing than the various children, were their parents and their guardians. This mullet wearing parent below, was a shining example of pro-marijuana use and what happens to one's demeanor after years of partaking in recreational drug use. And he wore it proudly on his cap. Well done dad, well done. I would've gotten a picture of the front of his cap, but I was fearful of him. He scowled and did not smile. If you ask me, he probably needed a hit to help loosen him up. (please do not take me seriously. I do not recommend recreational drug use to help loosen one self up. if you do take me seriously, do not sue me. i have no money.)

There were multitudes of scantily clad dressed women. One in particular looked very similar to Marge. This was a very difficult environment to capture their images. Too many witnesses.

Gasp! Where have you been all of my life, Teddy? The red tee-shirt and snug fit sweat pants were even more alluring in person.

As I was walking to and from noisy, flashy games with my son, I all of the sudden noticed him. Serial killer dad. His eyes were piercing. His face scarred probably from previous battles and he was constantly mumbling to himself. He would play with the change in his pocket, at least I hope it was his change, as he would look around. Maybe, for his next victim.

(notice how he is looking around and playing with the "change" in his pocket?)

Look. I think my husband just noticed "serial killer dad", also.

Even though we had viewed some questionable Chuck E Cheese patrons and the pizza was sure to leave a slimy layer of grease in the lining of my intestinal tract, we did have fun playing the games.

Cody played Whack a Mole and ended up whacking himself. Bonk!

Here's my main man throwin' back a few...footballs, that is. I love it when he throws back a few. Check out his sinewy arm as he grasps the 'ol pigskin. I enlarged the picture for your viewing pleasure.

Conner enjoyed the Chuck E Cheese festivities. He also enjoyed the greasy pizza, as you can see from the pizza crumb remnants on his face.

More fun and games.

Tickets! Tickets! Cody won a total of 500 tickets.

Cody was hoping to exchange his tickets for an awesome Lego thingy or a Wii game. Instead he got a few pieces of candy. Rip off.

We left Chuck E Cheese's with fond memories of greasy pizza, flashy games, tickets, and "Serial Killer Dad".


  1. What is it about the tickets? Tanner loves to play those games where you get the tickets and then trade them in for the dumb little toys. You can never get enough tickets to get the good stuff. I can't believe you don't like Chuck E. Cheese pizza. It's not papa jOhn's, but it will do(:

  2. My kiddos have been bugging me to go there. Sam eve put it on the calendar for this Saturday. You see, it's the serial killer dad thing that gets me everytime.

  3. I think I have been there like once? Do they still have those creepy fake statues that sing songs? Maybe they just replaced it with serial killer dad thing. Looks like fun, but I keep getting pushed away from there when I see the price you have to pay to get in.

  4. I have to purposely avoid the Chuck E. Cheese in our town so the kids don't beg to go there. Everytime I have been, I come away twitching . . .

  5. Jen are you saying you didn't like Chuck E. Cheese? I mean what is not to love about the place.

  6. Ugh I remember it being much funner. I was lucky enough to live in Ogden City and they had one up on Harrison Blvd (for a short time) I remember it was dark, darker than your pictures, and there was big Chuck E Cheese characters on the walls, like poking out, like big stuffed Mice dressed up and stuff. It was cool. And there were real live characters that would come around and play with us and sing and make us happy. It was more fun, instead of an arcade where they happen to serve pizza. Oh, the good ol' days. I miss them.

    Anyways I am sure I will soon be traveling to Chuck E Cheese with my dear son. I am sure he will love the crap out of it!

  7. I remember the Chuck E. Cheese of yesteryear like Lynsie. In fact Alex had his first birthday party there and was sick as a dog. He even had his picture taken with Chuck E. Cheese. Oh the memories!!!

  8. Eeeewwww greasy pizza. What stinks is that it's all so expensive - it really should be good! I went to Chuck E. Cheese on my 8th birthday with my best friend. I don't even remember my siblings getting to go along. I loved it. The serial killer dad sounds scary.


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