Friday, August 8, 2008


(This isn't really our hamster, but it looks just like our hamster)

Freddy Hamster Lewis

Freddy Hamster Lewis joined some of his various hamster friends, on his journey back to our Heavenly Father on Thursday (or a couple of days ago), August 7th, 2008. Hamster passed away, peacefully, (we think) while asleep, nestled under a layer of blue pet bedding, sprinkled here and there, with his own poo.

Although Hamster never liked his owners and would bite them, whenever they attempted to hold him, he did provide many hours of entertainment (such as, throwing his poop out of the bars of his cage, packing his cheeks full of food, running in his treadmill wheel thingy all night long).

Hamster spent his days sleeping, pooping, chewing, and grooming himself. One of his favorite hobby's was running and throwing his poop.

Hamster leaves behind his owners Steve, Jennifer, Cody, and Conner. He is proceded in death by most likely many other hamster relatives, since they really don't have a long life span.

We will miss you Hamster and look forward to seeing you again! (and we look forward to not having to clean your stinky cage and hearing your treadmill wheel thingy squeeking ALL NIGHT LONG)

Hamster's final resting place.

Mourners are welcome to pay their respects, until Monday morning (garbage day).

Um, I just realized that I put Hamster life span being 2008-2008. He was actually born in 2007. It's all a blur.


  1. RIP sweet little demented looking Hamster. I hope your in Hamster Heaven looking down on everyone you loved, oh and me, because I acknowledged your previous existance.

    Poop thrower? Really thats funny!

  2. Ok. That's just funny. My A/C kicked it today. I am sitting in front of a fan thinking of all the A/C'd places Daniel could take us to dinner. This just made sitting in a hot seat with a sweaty body almost worth it! You crack me up!

  3. this reminds me of growing up and my father let us have gerbils!(another rodent like pet) Kay decided to not take them out of their cage to clean it and vacuumed the stuff up...only... she got more than she bargained for as she caught one of the little critters in the vacuum hose. She grabbed it's tail to pull it out and the tail fell off. She's crying and screaming. Finally she called dad at work and he simply asked if it occurred to her to shut off the vacuum???? No not really. Once she did the little varmit slipped right out. He survived this traumatic event in his life and continued to produce many more ugly little purple babies.. thought I'd share a funny.. my sympathy goes out to your family. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved ???pet.

  4. Your RIP sign is GREAT!!! I hope your hamster's lips didn't look like that ones...those are creepy.

    Nice obituary!

  5. Poor little guy! So is the pet thing over at your house? I loved Wendy's story. It was hilarious!

  6. Jen, this is by far my favorite post of yours.

    It's hilarious and the pic of the hamster kills me.

    I think it was the poop throwing that got me the most.

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