Friday, August 8, 2008

Flashback Friday has been canceled (sniff, sniff)

Flashback Friday has been cancelled today, due to a recent loss in our family.

Sadly, our pet and companion, kicked the bucket yesterday, or a couple of days ago. We really didn't notice until a nasty funk started to permeate it's way upstairs. We appreciate the support and prayers, during this time of loss. (sniff, sniff)

A few reasons why I will miss "Hamster"

  1. He was fluffy

  2. Since we purchased Hamster, Cody has not asked for another new pet

  3. Um, he taught Cody responsibility (cleaning, feeding, caring)

A few reasons why I will NOT miss Hamster

  1. He hated us
  2. He would bite us
  3. The stench
  4. The stench
  5. He threw his poop
  6. Buying food, toys, bedding stuff, and so on and so on
  7. He was a rodent

To tell you the truth, I didn't post today's Flashback Friday because I couldn't choose what Flashback I should share with you, my friendly Internet peeps. Hamster's untimely demise just happened to come at a favorable time (in more ways than one). I know, I am evilllllll. So I thought I would ask my small and meager, but oh so significant, audience on what I should post for next weeks Flashback Friday. If you are a lurker, don't be shy! Please let me know!

Okay, so here are some choices:

  • Big hair (I'm a product of the 80' and early 90's)
  • Questionable fashion choices
  • The story when me and my friends met some boys from a nearby town to go hiking and swimming to the falls and "something" slipped out. (just a little warning...this one is a tad graphic. no guts and stuff, just girl stuff)
  • sibling rivalry
  • Jr. High sports

I need your feedback people! The husband is just no help in this area. His response is, "I d'know?"

Please read "Hamster's" obituary below. It's touching.


  1. "we appreciate the support and prayers, during this time of loss. (sniff, sniff)"
    Right- like I'm praying for your loss, or giving support. It was a hamster. hehe
    I love that you didn't know he was actually dead till you smelt the stench. Thats funny, and you don't really know when he died. My brother-in-law (younger than me) had like 3 hamsters dies, in a row, he was absolutley devistated. Then his goat kicked the can shortly after. Poor boy was traumatized over the entire ordeal.

    Fine I'm saying a prayer.

  2. We'll include you in our prayers if we remember to pray in the heat tonight! I want to vote for the swimming one. Does that make me weird to want to hear a story that has graphic images in it? No? ok. I vote for that one!

  3. I am really sorry to hear about the hamster. I think the wind blew away the tombstone cause I got lost on trying to pay my respects. keeping your family in my prayers.
    Oh yeah, voting! Ditto what Jennie said :)

  4. Oh! And I was sooo looking forward to some laughing time reading your Flashback Friday!!! I had a hamster once...I had to take it to the snake at the pet store because I messed up its equilibrium while "playing" with it by tossing it up and down in a blanket. Hamsters just have no chance of survival when us humans are involved.

    That IS funny that you didn't know he was dead until you smelled him from upstairs!

    I vote big hair or Jr. High sports.

  5. I vote for meeting the boys. I have some interesting and sometimes really dumb flashbacks when it comes to meeting boys. Especially the ones who pull up next to you and want you to pull over...weird teen boys! (by the way it stopped happening long before marriage-back in the day)


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