Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nit Wits - Moi?

Today was an eventful day. Washed dishes, mopped floors, cleaned bathroom, fed and changed baby, made lunch for older son, and called Poison Control. What was that? Called Poison Control?!?!?! Um, yeah. For the very first time in my whole entire life, I had to call the Poison Control Hot line.

I'll tell you all of the gory details, well not gory. Well, okay, kinda gory. More like disgusting, icky, eeee-gad!

Earlier in the day I was cleaning this bathroom...

With this cleaner...

After cleaning the vanity, sink, and mirror, I cleaned this toilet...

With this wash rag...

Thoroughly. (Including toilet residue around the base, seat, and rim. I do live with 3 boys that have cooties)

After cleaning the bathroom, I was pooped. (sorry, wrong choice of wording) I was tired and needed a break. So what else does a busy mommy do to relax... read blogs, of course.

Cody was absorbed in a book, okay not really. He was watching cartoons. And Conner was doing the usual baby things that babies do... crawling from room to room and putting harmful, microscopic items in his mouth. I then heard him whining. "Oh, what now?" I said. (Doesn't he know that mommy is busy... reading blogs.)

My older son, Cody, went to check on Conner.

"What's his deal?" I asked Cody. "Oh, he was in the bathroom sucking on a wet washcloth, that was on the floor," Cody reported.

"What!!!! The white rag that I cleaned the toilet with?!?!?!? The white rag that has a mixture of 409 and toilet residue on it?!?!?!?! Oh crap! (sorry, wrong choice of wording, again). Oh darnit all to heck!"

I hurried and picked up Conner. He started to swat at me and smile. "He's acting normal," I thought. Then I smelled his breath. Like smelling his breath could actually tell how much toilet residue and poison he digested? Hey! I was freaked out! Gimme a break!

I couldn't smell a thing. But just to be safe, I called Poison Control. The kind operator asked me if the rag was soaked with cleaner.

"Well, I had run it under water first, then sprayed the service of the toilet, then wiped it."

The operator then asked if I had used the 409 multi-surface cleaner.


"He should be fine. Give him some fluids and just watch him closely. It may just irritate his skin and mouth. Call us back if there are any other problems."

"Thank you."

So, lesson learned. Obviously I have under estimated how fast Conner is crawling now (he's only been crawling 1 week!). And... I'm a nit wit.

Conner's okay. However, I did check on him a few times to see if he was still breathing, or foaming at the mouth, while he was asleep.

I'm sure each of you have had a moment when you can be called a nit wit, also. Please say you do. I don't want to be the only mommy nit wit out there. Sooooo... please share those moments, so I can call you a nit wit when we bump shoulders. And I promise to not kick you in the shins if you call me one too.


  1. We NEVER had to call Poison Control until we had Brandon!! I think we have called them like 3 times. One day we were sitting on the couch wathcing T.V., we hear this spraying sound (like the ones your 409 make) Sarah sprayed Brandon in the eyes with my kitchen cleaner. Another happen about a month ago, Brandon picked up some greaser object in the garage and stuck it in his mouth. Little turkey! He should have known better than that.
    I seriously wonder how boys survive childhood!

  2. I called poison control not that long ago because Tres decided to brush his teeth with Bengay! I knew it probably wasn't that much to be worried about, but we called anyway. They told me the same thing. I think you beat me on the nasty rag though. Pretty gross. Apparently Connor liked it. YUM!

  3. Hmm. Poison Control. We were good friends! The thing is, I've blocked out why I had to call so frequently while my boys were small. Wait!! I had to call for Ruthie, too. I have Poison Control's number on my fridge, along with all the doctors, etc. It's a price we pay having kids. I think the first time was Isaac eating some of the salt kindof stuff in the top of my blood test strips bottle. Mmmmmm...

  4. Where shall I begin???? Maybe the week I took Alex to the emergency room 4 times,.. yes 4 times.., once because he broke his arm, once when he needed stitches in his head above his eye and then on the back of his head and finally.. once when he helped me put gas in the car and pulled the pumper thingy out.. and proceeded to squirt himself from head to toe with gas because he couldn't figure out how to get it to shut off. He was 2 1/2 at the time. Bad thing was it was the same doctor each time and he said if he hadn't known Alex he would have thought he was being abused or something. What about when we had to take Brock to the emergency room to remove the green beans from his nose. Possibly the time we had to take him when he was stung by about 30 bees and his entire face was swollen up. Or maybe the time we had to take Kassy to get the Tart n' Tinies removed from her nose. Even though they had dissolved by the time the doctor got around to looking at her. Oh and how can we forget the time we have to take cousin Brett to the emergency room to have the kitty litter removed from his nose at 2 days old when his mother placed him on the toilet seat and he rolled off into the litter box. Nit wit I think not!!Oh and what about the time I got Social Services called on me because Alex was on the roof at about 18 months helping dad remove the cover of the swamp cooler. He told him to play with his cars at the bottom of the ladder and wait for grandpa and Alex of course said okay papa. Next thing dad knows there he is on the roof asking "What cha doin???" Almost caused him to have aheart attack. WE can thank the Good Lord that he made children resilent. Look at my kids now!! They ate enough dirt, fertilizer and weed killer to kill a horse and yet here they are!! He will bounce back and be just fine. maybe a little pukey but he'll be okay. My children have survived my inadequacies and are even thriving. You are not alone in the nit wit world. I think all mothers have been there once jor twice or twenty times if you're me!!! We still love you and I'm sure that Conner does too.

  5. Wendy,

    What's with your kids and sticking stuff up their noses? I asked Steve about it and he said, "Oh yeah, they were always sticking something up there."

    Despite everything they have done, gotten in to and done to each other... they have turned out to be great kids!

  6. If I don't do one nit-witty thing a day, check my pulse, I'm probably dead.

    Babies survive despite their parents.

  7. Thanksfully, we haven't had to call Poison Control yet.

    when Jake was VERY tiny...not even rolling over yet(I thought)...I laid him on the couch and ran to answer the phone...then I heard the most horrible sound the mother of a tiny baby could hear...THUNK! Yep, he rolled off the couch. And our couches are relatively deep! What went though my mind? All of those things that you read when you have a newborn - "NEVER lay your baby on a tall surface without being right beside them". I felt like the most horrible mom. To make it worse, it was Sunday and I was getting ready for church and Shane was already there for extra meetings. So - like any smart LDS woman would do...I waited until we were in Sacrament to tell him what happened so that he couldn't get too mad at me.

  8. When Jaimen was about 10-11 months, he spit up, alot, he lived in a bib, no one ever saw he cute little onsies. Anyways he had spit up on the carpet, and like before I sprayed the spot, stuck a washcloth over the spot so I didn't forget to absorb the spit up, and put the bottle of cleaner away. He has always whined for the bottle of cleaner, like I'm gonna give it to him?? Well after I put the bottle away, I started the sink, and cleaned something else while the cleaner did its work. Jaimen was busy with toys 10 ft away. Alan walked back in the house came upstairs and Jaimen had the washcloth in his mouth. Let me add it wasn't a fresh washcloth, it was one that had been used to absorb spit-up/cleaner from all day. So I had to call poison control, my heart beating out of my cheast, I smelt his breath as well, thinking they are sending over DCFS. I am an unfit mother.
    I mean 11 months of this spitting up everywhere you'd think I would remember to grab the cloth?
    No he's fine, just some miner twitches here and there, but for the most part he's fine.

    just kidding... no twitches.

    This was my second time calling Poison Control, first time was for my 3lb dog, that was in the yard playing with the lid to bug killer. What?? She's almost the same size as some cockroaches, I was afraid it would kill her too.

    Your not alone, never alone.

  9. Oh I should have mentioned that when I was younger, my brother swallowed a mouthful of gun powder.
    My dad had his powder in one of those powder holder thingies, they look like a old water horn people take to the desert to drink water.
    Well Garet being little and not knowing thought it was water, and wanted to drink out of it, like Clint Eastwood in all the movies we'd watch. Not water, gun powder.
    I am pretty sure my parents just made him drink a bunch of water to clear his system. He's a little weird now, but I am sure that's not due to the gun powder.


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