Thursday, May 8, 2008

Here Comes Trouble!

Conner has been a dream baby. He has slept through the whole entire night since he was 4 weeks old. He wakes up around 7:30 every morning and will once in a while sleep in until 9:00 a.m. He only fusses when he is hungry or very sleepy. I called him my amoeba (1 celled organisms that are goo like), because he could sit in his bouncy seat or lay in the same place for a very long time. I constantly get comments about how good he is. But recently...... things are starting to change. We have feared this. The beast has been growing inside of our sweet baby and it must get out!

Now when we lay him down on the ground he rolls all over the place. He is constantly jumping in his jumper. He thinks my belly is a trampoline. Although, it is very bouncy, and squishy like a trampoline, I have to remind him that there are important innards inside that hurt when he bounces on them. He is no longer content to sit in his bouncy seat.

Then today I noticed he did this......

Button down the hatches! Secure the knick knacks! Pick up every little microscopic thingy majingy that only he can see and will choke on!
It's the beginning of the end. No more watching a show in it's entirety, no more cute decorative emblems on the coffee table. Important buttons pushed. Bugs eaten. Cabinet doors opened and contents emptied on to the floor. Oh the humanity!

But he does look soooo cute doing it.


  1. Awwww, now how can someone as cute as him get into trouble?!! heee heee. Just been there (still there) They really know how to wrap you around their cute little fingers.
    If I saw a face like that, I would TOTALLY give in ;)

  2. Oh Jen. Welcome to my life. Remember when Faith fell off that cute little cabinet in your kitchen? Yeah. Expect that really soon with Connor.

  3. Wait til you find him on top of the fridge eating the oreos you have hidden.

    Did you really give up fries? You are my new hero.

    Did you really have a wedding business? Do you do consulting? We need to talk!!!

  4. I'm thinking of creating a room in our unfinished basement with just carpet and rubber walls. Maybe a TV bracketed to the upper corner of the room. Sound proof the room and lock the door. Wallah! Instant Babysitter for the kids that are mobile. Anyway, it's just a suggestion.

  5. He really is dang cute! How can you resist that?? It's always inevitable. I figure if they start trouble sooner, they will be better later....So I should have really great teenagers, right!?!?

  6. good luck! but he is sooooo cute.

  7. Jeni,
    Yes, sadly I am going to give up the fries. I'm in mourning.

    And yes, back in the day I did have a small wedding business. I think I have adult A.D.D. I have many interests in many areas.

  8. They just grow up too fast. You're going to have to get a baby gate. There's no turning back now, baby!

    I was feeding Whitley her cereal yesterday and thought I saw a piece of white paper in her mouth. I went to get it out and realized it was not paper, but a tooth! She got a tooth without me even knowing, which is good because I am still breast feeding, but it makes me sad):

  9. He is tooooo cute.... I remember we caught Larry on top of the fridge eating dad's oreos too. Good times, good times..I'm so thankful we survived those trying times and my children lived to become teenagers!!! Even Kassy, though Alex and Brock did try to blow her up with a fire cracker...!!!


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