Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oh Crap!!!

Yes.... I'm a dork.
Without even looking, I blasted out of my garage and scraped the side of my sister in law's car. Sooooo sorry Jenny. I could care less about the damage I caused to our car. The scrapes actually blend in! My car is such an Arapaho racer. For those of you who do not know what an Arapaho racer is... it's a car that looks like crap, drives like crap, and runs like crap. I grew up near an Indian reservation and one of the tribes out there was the Arapaho tribe. (there seemed to be a lot of those cars out there) Well anyway, I forgot to tell my mom that I hit Jenny's car, so I'm pretty sure once she reads this, I'll be getting a call. Mom, just to let you know... No they are not mad, no they are not making us pay for fixing their car (they also have an Arapaho racer), and yes, I'm a dork.

Even though our car is quite the looker, it doesn't even touch how bad our last car was. Steve bought it from a friend to actually make it into a "demolition derby car"! Well, we fell on some hard times and made it the family sedan. It was possessed! You heard me right.... it was possessed! We couldn't run the radio, because the volume would increase by itself, and wouldn't stop. There was no a.c. and near the end, the heat was going also. The thing actually had 210,000 miles on it! We probably put on about 1000 miles. Where did these people drive to? The electric windows wouldn't work, so when we were at a drive through, we had to open the car door. The driver's side seat was broke and I pushed the gas pedal with my tippy toes. And then there's the blinker.... When we wanted to turn left, or was it right...., the thing wouldn't blink. It would just shine a constant light. So we actually had to move the blinker wand thingy back and forth, so that it looked like our blinker was blinking. Click click, click click, click click. And did I mention, no cup holders! So pathetic.

We are now in the process of saving up for a new car. So hopefully in the near future you will see me driving around the hood with the windows down, stereo pumping "Popcorn Popping" and the wind blowing in my hair!


  1. I remember the blue Arapaho Racer! You crack me up! I hope you come into some cash and can get a smart looking family car that rocks!! Good luck with that.

  2. Looks like you "pulled a Holly".
    I do things like that ALL THE TIME and my whole family says, "Whoops! You pulled a 'Holly'"! Serious.

    I told you about the time I hit my vice principals PARKED car, right? Good times.

  3. LOL!! Jen!! You crack me up!! I hope to see you in your new car soon. And if I hear someone's stereo thumping, I'll just blame it on the other neighbors ;)
    Sorry to hear about the backing into your sister-in-laws car. I have done that a few times myself, only I crunched the whole drivers door of my neighbors car. And I was on my way to Church too!!

  4. I can't even count how many cars I've crunched although not lately. But my kids are afraid to go out of town with me when Scott isn't coming!! I wonder why that is??? LOL maybe being stranded in Boulder, Browning, Shelby or Snowville has something to do with it I don't know!! They just break down on me.

  5. I forgot. Here we call them the rez rockets!! LOL

  6. Oh my goodness that was funny! I love beater cars! My grandpa bought this weird thing that played music instead of making the ticking noise but I don't think he could hear it. It was so funny to ride with him because the battery would be dying on the replacement blinker and the music would play and play whether we were turning anytime soon or not! ahhh.... I love thinking about blinkers...

  7. It's all good Jen. It's just one more scrape to a new car for me. I don't know what I would do with a new car because if I ran into the post at the Wendy's drive through in a decent vehicle I would probably cry.

  8. That stinks, even if you don't love your car. That is sooo funny about the blinker. I'm sure it wasn't funny to you though. I ran into my step-dad's truck and dented the whole side in in my "new" car that I bought for myself before I got married. That stunk too.


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