Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday is a special day..... really?

Hey, all of you Mormon chics (or dudes), do you remember that song from Primary... Saturday is a Special Day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday. Do to do, duh ta duh... You know the one. It's the one that you sing about how the "family" slaves all day on Saturday so that Sunday will be peaceful and spiritual. The words in the "original" song mentions that we brush our clothes (huh?) and that we trim our nails (this is actually what we do with Cody. One of his nicknames is Claw Toes). Well I've changed the words that fit my reality. Sing along kids!

Monday is a horrible day, It's the day we recover from Sunday; Mom vacuums the floors, and goes to the bank, so the check to Walmart doesn't bounce. (I never said it would rhyme)

She scrubs the toilet, and does 100 loads of wash, So her family doesn't have to wear last weeks underwear.

I try to clean the toilets every other day, because the little boys and sometimes, big boys, have trouble with their aim.
I love these disposable toilet cleaners, because I don't have to store nasty toilet brushes in my house.

Why is it that most of the laundry isn't mine!

(The font wouldn't change here, go figure.)

Then She does the dishes, takes care of grumpy kids, all because the family did nothing on Saturday or Sunday!

It's dinner time and the dishes are still not done from the day before!

He may not look too angry here, but believe me a few seconds ago it wasn't pretty!

ooooo, you better hide kid!


  1. Oh, this always happens at our house. I call it the Sunday mess. It happens every week and every week John wants to know why I'm so surprised by it. But I was evil on this Sunday with all the staying home and conferencing and all and I nipped it in the bud. I'll try harder next sunday to lounge. But it was so nice to go to bed with a clean house. Even if it meant I was evil. Guess I should repent.

  2. LOL!! I think we have to recover on Mondays!! Mine never fully gets finished until Friday, Just in time to make a mess again :)

  3. I hate Mondays too. The one good thing is that they all go back to school and work. Then I can get everything back in order. Sunday is definitley a messy day!!

    I love your song and do remember the Primary version. I think it was written in the 50's, thus the brushing the clothes.

  4. Unfortunately on Monday I have to go back to work. Sometimes it's nice just to get a break!LOL

  5. It is so true! And nobody wants to help clean the house on Saturday. I have just about given up because as soon as I get something cleaned, it seems within minutes it is dirty again. It's a never ending battle.

  6. GREAT song! I, too, love to change words to songs and make them silly. Mondays are the same for me too. WAY too much laundry, most of which isn't mine because I've pretty much given up on having nice clothes anymore so I wear the same 5 t-shirts all the time. Sunday is soooo not relaxing or spiritual. Usually I clean the kitchen Sunday afternoon because I can't stand the mess anymore.


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