Thursday, October 20, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Winner of the Pumpkin Trio giveaway is...

She won with a guess of 60 pumpkins, that I have hoarded, ahem, collected.

The actual number of pumpkins/pumpkin decor that I have dispersed throughout my home, is 61.  That's right - 61.  And the sad thing is... I did not display all of my pumpkin decor this year.  Is there a hotline number for this kind of illness?

*more pumpkin goodness*

Contact me Kate, and we will talk pumpkin colors, shapes, and sizes!


And, thank you EVERYONE, who entered my lil 'ol giveaway!  It just feels my heart with warmth and tenderness, knowing that someone still reads and comments on my blog.  (Since people no longer comment like they use to!  Has anyone else noticed this?)

Happy fall, friends!

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  1. Damn that Kate! My guess was 59 wasn't it? I'm going to beat her!


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