Monday, September 12, 2011

I Did This - Baby Gift!

Recently, many of my friends have had babies or are in the process of having babies.  And can I just tell ya...  I'm loving it!  How can one not love the adorable, squishy-ness, of  baby thighs?  Squishy thighs are seriously, one of my favorite parts of a baby.  And their tiny feet.  And their dimply, cheeks (not the ones you smile with).  Well, and their cheeks, also (the ones you do smile with).  Awwwww baby love! 

One of my favorite gifts to give these wonderful, little, miracles are their own personalized towels, swim suits and sunglasses!  I just love seeing their pop-bellies in swim suits!

I appliqued the first initial of their names on the towels.  Slap my momma on the knee, this is cute!

I gave these towels to twin boys!  I could possibly have another baby just so I can make one of these towels for  her.  That's right people!  If by some miracle, I became pregnant again... that baby would be a girl.  Because I say so.  And because I'm not sure I can take anymore boy cooties, farts, stinky feet, dirt, and cleaning the toilets top to bottom, EVERY STINKING DAY!  Aim boys!  Aim!


  1. Ooooooo, these are so cute!! LOVE the initial on the towel! I hopefully find out what I'm having this week, I hope it's a girl! If it's a boy, I will be equally thrilled - I mean, I know boys, I know how to do that, but I can so relate about the bathroom thing. I swear, every time I walk in there I'm like, "did someone just pee on the wall?" Ahhh, boys.


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