Thursday, May 12, 2011

OCD Tendencies - The joy of cleaning your vents

Okay, so maybe there really isn't that much "joy" in cleaning your vents. But, oh nothing tickles me pinker than having clean vents! Dust free! Muck free! Don't get me started!

When it comes to my ocd tendencies, there are a few things that can keep me awake at night...spider webs around my home, dirty base boards, any toilet after Homeboy pees while standing (yes standing) on the toilet seat, and finally - filthy vents.

I often clean the outside of my vents with the hose attachment to my vacuum about once a month. Sometimes more than that, depending on how dusty they look. But there are times when a layer of grime and scuff marks are unable to be cleaned with the hose attachment.

The other day I was washing some of my walls and baseboards, when I realized that I have neglected my vents.

Nothing could have prepared me from what I was about to encounter! A sight so horrifying, mice would refuse to live in this kind of environment.

Oh yes, it was that bad.

And this (see below) is what I found!!!


For all that is good and holy, what have I been living with!?!?!?!

Such putrid swill!!!

What did I tell you?

This literally sent chills up my spine.

I, will never be the same again.

After vacuuming the layers, upon layers, of ick, I washed the vent covers in the sink with warm, sudsy, water. And what a difference!

After seeing what lies with in my neglected air ducts and vents, I've realized I must clean them more often. Whatever filth is building up in them, is what me and my family are breathing. Every time air circulates through the air ducts, those microscopic particles (and some not so microscopic) are landing on top of my belonging and in my lungs!!!!

Cough, cough, wheeze.

*Another tip for cleaning your air ducts is to hire professionals to clean them. Many carpet cleaning companies offer this service. They have the equipment to clean your entire ventilation systems! When I had this done for the first time, in my home, the employee told me he found a ton of nails, sheet rock, and even cups that the construction workers left, when our home was being built.

Now that my vents are clean, I can rest a little easier. No longer will I be kept up at night, wondering what nastiness is lurking within my walls. Well, until the time when I accidentally catch Homeboy peeing in the toilet, standing on top of the toilet seat again.

That's actually a nightmare.

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