Thursday, May 19, 2011

Conner and the camera

There comes a time of the day when I hit a wall. It's usually right at the time when kids need to go to bed and I'm too tired to deal with anything.

Homeboy had gotten a hold of my cell phone and entertained himself by taking a hundred, or so, pics of everything. Like I said before, I was too tired to take the phone away.

I now have over three hundred pictures on my phone.

There are at least twenty pictures of his fingers.

A picture of his piggies... his stuffed piggy and the ones attached to his foot.

Several pictures of the oven. Notice the extreme shine... I just cleaned my oven!

Makes my OCD tendencies, feel soooo good.

And then there was this blurry image of me. Thank the heavens above, it is blurry. Cause momma was not wearing her brazier, at the time.

As I was scrolling through the many pictures, that Homeboy took with my phone, I realized that the blurry image of me resembled very closely to an image I had seen before...

It's uncanny, ain't it?

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  1. My boys do this ALL the time! Except my phone is always filled with like 57 black pictures - I have no idea what he's trying to take a picture of. And why does it take so long to delete them all? Rarr.


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