Monday, February 7, 2011

Primary Teacher Appreciation Gift

My heart is full every time I think of all of the wonderful Primary workers in our ward! They work hard at their callings and the children love them. The Primary Presidency wanted to show our appreciation for them, by having a dinner for them.
The theme of the night was "potatoes". I know you are thinking that is an odd theme, but it all made sense by the end of the evening.
For the centerpieces, I placed red potatoes in glass vases then tied a strip of burlap and red bandanna material around the middle of the vases.
We had a baked potato bar for dinner and to tie everything together, I gave a little talk on potatoes and how we can be more like the potato, in our callings.
Below are some examples of the different things I talked about:
Don't have a "chip" on your shoulder - attitude
Curses! "Foiled" again - problem solving
Never take your "eye" off of the children - fellowship
The "spuddy" system - team teachers/delegating
Clever, huh? Okay, it was dorky. But dorky is my middle name!
We gave each teacher a bag of chips with a tag attached to it.
It was a fun evening and made me realize, even more, how lucky we are to have such a great ward, filled with the most awesome people! Big THANKS to Angela, Kari, Leslee, and to all of the teachers, pianist, chorister, cub scout leaders, and activity day leaders!
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  1. You are so wonderful!! What a great idea and I'm sure they appreciated being appreciated!!

  2. I am SO stealing your "CHIPS" idea for my teacher appreciation!!!

    you are awesome!


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