Sunday, August 22, 2010

This last Wednesday our family had the opportunity to get away from it all! Hit the open road! Escape to the mountains! Smell the mountain air!
Well, actually, Steve had to help his brother repair the roof of a cabin that belongs to his wife's family. But still, in my mind, it was a nice get away. I'm easy to please.

Besides my husband's six pack and large pectoral muscle (a.k.a. -*obs)that have always impressed me, deeply, his flexibility has also. Especially when he demonstrated his talent of doing the Chinese splits on our 3rd date. That was the moment that I knew I had to marry that man... and to be the mother of his children. There is just something so wrong, yet, so right about a grown man doing the Chinese splits.
I vow to someday take a picture of his marvelous gift!

Homeboy enjoyed our time away from home also! Check him out as he is deep in thought about his ride on the "fo-wheewer" with dad.

I've often wondered what it would be like if Homeboy had a little sister. Now I know.
His relationship with his younger cousin, Raegan, is a love/hate one. He is constantly asking me to take him to "Waegon's" and if he can call her. But then when you get them's WWF wrestling man! Well, not quite. But, at times, a toy or two ends up being used as a weapon to bonk each other's heads. It's all good.
And speaking of bonking heads... I am sometimes tempted to bonk my husband's head. Not too hard. Just hard enough to knock some sense into his skull. That big, thick, stubborn, skull, of his.
My man is a genius.
He saw no need to strap down the four wheeler in the back of our truck.
To quote my genius, flexible, husband: "It'll be fine! It won't hit the window!"
He said this to me, as if my suggestion to strap the four wheeler down, was ridiculous! Silly man. Oh you silly, silly man.
Needless to say the trip home was interesting. It stormed 2/3 of the way home (from Wyoming - my home turf).
Little breezy.
Little loud.
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  1. Oh, Steve, you silly, silly man. You're going to ring his neck aren't you?

  2. Oh Nooooo!!! My dear husband made a similar (costly) mistake with out first truck. Why oh why don't they listen??

    Jacob does that same thing with his cousin - it's a love/hate relationship.

  3. silly men, if we could only say what we are really thinking they might listen :)


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