Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I DidThis!

Remember about a month ago when I announced to everyone (the few people that read my blog) that I was going to be better at keeping my blog updated? No? Well, let me remind you...

Quote: "I've decided to challenge myself to return to my old blogging frequency!"


Okay, so maybe I haven't exactly returned to my old blogging frequency. I'm a busy woman now! And I've been on a diet. I have not had any form of a cookie, cupcake, ice cream, or Dr. Pepper in the last three weeks. The first week was brutal! My husband was seriously considering performing an exorcism on me. I'm sure there were moments when my head spun around 360 degrees, and I spewed green, pea, soup from my mouth. It was an ugly moment for me.

So let me, instead of promising to update my blog every week...

How about I just promise to update my blog on a regular basis? Work for you? Works for me!

So anyhoo...

There have been alot of babies born lately! Two of my friends just gave birth to adorable, squishable, bundles of love! It's those moments when I gawk at the cuteness of these sweet babes, that crazy thoughts enter my head and my uterus begins to twitch.

I made one blanket for my friend, Holly's baby boy, and I loved it! It was so much fun to make. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of it. Stupid me. I appliqued a little cowboy boot on the front of it! Homeboy kept asking me, "Dat's my blankie? Dat's my blankie?" I would tell him "no" and that it was for a new baby boy. He just scowled at me. He's just jealous.

My friend Chelsea just had a baby girl and whenever I can sew anything girlish, I jump on that like a fly to potato salad. I have no idea what that means. I just made it up.

I've been itchin' to make something with ruffles and gathers, so I decided to put both in this blanket.

Okay, so can you just die?!?! "Why must the Gods torture me with such cuteness!?!?!"

Here's a close up of the cuteness.

And it even looks good, folded up!

The blankets turned out nearly as cute as the babies! Okay not even close. The babies are sooooo much cuter!
I wonder if I should....?
Never mind, Homeboy just flooded the toilet.


  1. That blanket is adorable! I love the ruffles and bunches! I am going to ask Holly to see the blanket you made for Grey... I loved the blanket you made me:)

  2. Beautiful blanket, Jen! Almost makes me wish I was going to have one so you could make me one too! almost!! ;)
    You are so talented, my friend!!

  3. Oh my WORD!! I'm with you on the girly stuff - having two boys rarely fulfills my need for pink. And yeah, we don't even use the upstairs bathroom anymore...aren't toddlers just adorable? I'm going to ask you to sew some stuff for me, you're amazing!!

  4. You seriously have a gift with putting blankets (and everything else) together!! This girly one is darling!! I'll have to go to Holly's house and see hers. Toddlers can be good birth control!!

  5. Seriously, I could die! That blanket is so stinkin cute!!! You are Amazing!!! I better have a girl next time just so you can make me one of those! :) Great job on your diet!! I am drinking a Dr. Pepper as we speak, and yes I am feeling a little guilty! I need to get on the bandwagon! Whatever that means :) Again, soooo cute!! I love the material! It really is so die for!

  6. Oh, so cute! You should sell those at a boutique!


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