Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Did This! - Sportin' a new church bag

Last Sunday, I came to the realization that I was in need of a new church bag. My old bag, although cute, was not up to the job of holding the numerous bags of fruit snacks, containers of cereal, Primary binder, Primary folder, story books, toy cars, lotion, lip gloss, pens, pencils, crayons, tithing slips, scriptures, Primary Song Book (in mini form), diaper, wipes, used tissues, and finally used and discarded sacrament cups that Conner had been chewing on during Sacrament Meeting. My previous calling didn't require all of the items, mentioned above, and I was able to manage quite well with my smaller bag. Not so much anymore.
A couple of days ago, I took matters into my own hands and sewed this cute bag.

Cute, huh?

It's large enough to hold all of my church materials and, let's face it - crap. Lots and lots of crap.

I believe the makings of a good bag is pockets. Big pockets. To hold all of my crap.
I sewed two large pockets on the outside of the bag and put an additional large pocket on the inside of the bag.

The pockets set my soul on fire! (I have no idea what that means. But really, they do.)

I'm quite happy with my bag and my fellow ward members will have to excuse me as I strut my stuff and model my new bag, while at church. Work it! Work it!

It's a well known fact among us Mormon, women folk, that we tote around various shapes, sizes, and forms of the "church bag" every Sunday, during our three hour block of service.

Some of the more popular church bags, that can be seen through out the halls of our building of worship is the Circle of Life navy, blue, tote. Nothing screams "LDS" bag fashion than the Circle of Life tote! The Circle of Life Women's Center is a well-known, local, facility that includes half of our ward's dear sister's ob/gyn doctors. Yup, it's true. Mine included.

Another fashionable tote is the free bag that one receives from purchasing a perfume gift set from Macys or Nordstroms.

Exhibit A: My "church bag" courtesy of Liz Claiborne.

Exhibit B: The Ed Hardy messenger bag, free with purchase of a fragrance gift set. I don't know, but I'm thinkin' this bag doesn't particularly bring forth the spirit.

Back in the day (circa late 70's, early 80's), the hot item of church calling organization was a clever tote made of cardboard. It was genius! To this day it is a rare, yet special occasion, if one spots such an exceptional find. I know of one lady that still lugs her various church materials in one. Oh the flood of memories!

I tried with all of my might to find a pic of one to share with all of you, but alas I failed.

The cardboard tote - similar to this pet carrier, but different. The real creative and crafty ladies use to jazz up their plain, white, cardboard, totes by sticking floral contact paper on the outside. Oooo la la! Contact paper back in the day was the equivalent to our modge podge and scrapbook paper now.

The cardboard tote - similar to this device, minus the beer bottles. And the individual compartments. And they usually were white. Not cardboard color. And longer. Yup longer. I'm annoying you. Sorry.

Another highly favored church bag of choice is the diaper bag. It serves two purposes in one! Carrier of bottles, burp cloths, and diapers...and of the sacred scriptures.

And then finally, last but not least... the high fashion of church bags. These bags can be a bit deceitful. On the outside they resemble sophistication and high-class, but on the inside you will find dried up fruit snacks, used tissues, and a Sunbeams Primary manual.

Every Sunday it's fiesta of church bag fashion!

Through the ages, our church bags have been a reflection of our personalities, a reflection of our life situations we are experiencing during that moment of time. But I know one thing for sure, no matter if our church bags are made of cardboard, homemade, or their purpose is meant to carry baby paraphernalia, they ALL serve a special purpose. They carry our precious cargo. (And in my case... also some crap.)

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  1. I love your new bag! And you will get good use out of it. You calling as mom and PP will make you the toter of many things. I call myself a pack mule. There is someone in another ward in our building who has the cardboard box. And my mom used to have one. I still am jealous if I happen to see one.

  2. So cute!!!! I love it! You are one talented gal!

  3. Love the post, love the bag. I 100% agree pockets are a girls best friend, especially if they are really cute ones.

  4. Oooooh! Cool bag, Girl!! I didn't see that Sunday, but I will be on the look-out to check out this cool thing you have!! If it disappears, don't come looking for me ;) LOL!! Very cool, Jen! You ROCK at these crafty items!

  5. HAHAH! I love this post! And I am so envious of your new bag! I totally need one like that! Did you use a pattern or did you make it up yourself? If you used a pattern I would love to have the number. If not...can I just come over and you can show me how to make one while our boys tear up your house??? I especially love the pockets on the outside. Ahhhh...pockets.

    I totally remember the white cardboard church-stuff carriers. It makes me giggle each time I am honored with the presence of one by the (ahem) very-long-time members of our Ward.

    You totally need to strut your stuff this coming Sunday with your new bag! You rule.

  6. That bag is soooo cute! I love the big pockets!!! Maybe I could get the pattern when I am there this weekend. Maybe I will finally make the curtains for my bedroom that you helped me pick out and a bag all in a weekend(: Do you think I am capable all by myself?

  7. When I saw you looking in your bag for the sharing time program for the music sisters I noticed your beautiful gem. I was going to say how cute it was but thought it was a bit inappropriate since they were singing a reverence song. I love your bag and I too have fond memories of the cardboard box.


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