Friday, September 25, 2009

OCD Calendar

This week I have been busy with cleaning my pot shelf and I plan on cleaning the top of my kitchen cabinets.
I dislike cleaning these areas. Any job that requires me to climb a ladder, makes me feel queasy and insecure with my "foot placement". I have visions of me slipping on a rung of the ladder, then falling onto my hard, tile floor. Head first. Cracking my skull open. Limbs bent oddly. Whaling and cuss words would then fly out of my mouth. Then blood and guts would escape onto my tile floor that I had just mopped the day before, no less. Not pretty people, not pretty.
There is one thing that I have learned about being a mother to boys... they throw things. All kinds of things. And these "things" usually end up in odd places.
Some of the things that were found while cleaning the pot shelf... 7 balls (6 super balls, 1 Handy Manny ball).

Also found were... 1 Nerf dart thingy, 1 sticky hand yo-yo thingy, 1 sticky eyeball thingy, 1 Halloween slippery thingy, and 2 paper airplanes.
And then there was the 5 inch thick layer of dust and spiderwebs. I detest spiderwebs!
Besides cleaning the 5 inch thick layer of dust, "things" and spiderwebs... I also revamped my pot shelf. I tossed alot of the old crap (such as the dried flower arrangement I made 7 years ago!!!!!) and bought some new crap. The new crap looks soooo much better.
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  1. I have such a hard time letting go of old crap. Even when I can just go out and get new crap. I wish I was more like you. Consider the fun balls you found as new toys for your kids. Cheap and effective!

  2. "The new crap looks soooo much better"

    haha I love it!

  3. Love it! I know we all have shelfs that looks just like that! You have almost inspired me to clean all of mine, just almost! Maybe when I get in that nesting stage I will get around to it!

  4. I love new crap! And I love your finds! Haha!

  5. I so prefer new crap to old crap. It just smells better, am I right? We found all kinds of lost toys under our couch when we moved. It was like, "Ooooh, THERE is that thing!" and "Ooooh, THERE is my other son".


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