Friday, February 20, 2009

Winner of "You tell me!" giveaway!

Congratulations Sarah!!
From "Life Doesn't Get Much Better Than This"
Yup, you won! For reals! I'm not kidding!
It was close, I'm telling ya. There was a tie between me blogging about "The difference between Wyoming and Utah", "Me and My Big Fat Boobs", "Walmart Attire", and finally "Conner Chronicles".
Who knew so many people want to hear me rant about my monumental mammaries?
So here's how we... we, as in my official winner picker-er, Conner, picked the winner. I put in all of the names that suggested the topics for me to blog about, that had tied, in a bowl. Then I attempted to have Conner pick one name out. First he grabbed the bowl, laughed wickedly, and ran away. I chased him, retrieved the bowl, put the names back in the bowl then tried it again. This time he grabbed a handful of names, laughed wickedly, and ran away again. I ran after him, preyed his hand open and attempted it again. Finally he grabbed one name, laughed wickedly, and tried to run away again. But momma learned from the previous two attempts and caught him before he could take off. We opened the paper together and it said, Sarah!
Wahooo Sarah!
Sarah suggested the subject, "the difference between Wyoming and Utah", for me to blog about. So be expecting a scrumptious post about the difference between Wyoming-ites and Utes in the near future. I hope it'll be a good one!
I'll try to get your prize to you a.s.a.p., Sarah. I plan on making it and putting everything together this weekend. Then I will post a picture of it, so everyone will be jealous of you. Maybe I will make something with a cat motif. Since I know how much you LOVE cats. I kid, I kid!
*look below. i posted another Flashback Friday!


  1. YAY!!! I'm so excited. I never win. Except in Bunco...hehe. I can't wait for my gift. I know it will be EXCEPTIONAL!!! Thank You Connor!

  2. I guess in order to win you have to play huh???

  3. Whoo Hoo!! WTG, Sarah!! :)

  4. Even though I envy Sarah, I have an idea for the back of your blogging brain. (Or your OCD book of blogging ideas, whichever.)

    I want to see a schedule of "a Perfect Orderly & Clean house." Including everything that needs to be cleaned, best product, price for product, best order of opertaion, and time to accomplish the HEAD To TOE or ROOF to CRAWL SPACE cleaning/organizing. OR maybe you have a book you can reccomend. Or one that you're writing. You're an INSPIRATION! (And I could use help, obviously.)

  5. How did I not know there was a contest? I guess that's what I get for getting behind. You should have TOLD ME! You OWE me after you basically ripped that necklace off from around my neck!

    But still...
    I'm excited for Sarah and way excited to read all about the differences.

  6. Yeah! Go Sarah! And I can't wait to read the posts! Oh - I guess I'll have to wait...Jake just called my name. Is it too late to change my name so I can stay on the computer longer? hmmmm....


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